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Stunt riding on Grit Scooters.

Updated on October 8, 2012

How do we get Kids Outdoors?

Children these days spend a lot of time inside. We have created them too many distractions from the great outdoors. If it's not the Wii or Play Station then it's the DS, the smart phone, the iPad. All of these gadgets seem to be making our children have crooked necks from looking down too much. What would they see if they just went outside and looked up. There is a big wide world out there and they need to be in it, enjoying the fresh air. Well that's my view anyway. The problem is that once you get them hooked on an outdoor activity the pendulum may just swing the other way and you will never see them at home again. Stunt scooters can become an obsession, learning the latest tricks and swapping out parts to customize the scooter. Whether you have a Grit Scooter or Madd Gear, I've learnt that it can always be improved upon to make it just that little bit faster, smoother or just more unique.

Try a Stunt Scooter

With a variety of skate parks popping up all over the place, scooting and skateboarding is undeniably a top way to have fun outdoors. Near to my house a large skate park has recently opened up and there is usually just as many people stood around watching the skill of the riders as the riders themselves. Just click onto You Tube, search for scooter stunts and you will see what kinds of feats these guys pull. They certainly have a lot of guts. Safety gear is a must when riding a scooter. With many popular brands such as grit scooters having their own team of riders you can see why that might be an attractive job to aspire to for a kid.

grit elite
grit elite

Grit Scooters are the best

When it comes to choosing a scooter, you may want to consider both price and quality before making your purchase. The Australian Grit Scooters have burst in to the UK and seem to hit the spot on both counts. They have a good range of rides so whether you are just starting out or consider yourself a pro you should find a model to suit you from this brand name. They are generally set at a slightly lower price than it's neighbourhood Ozzie rival Madd Gear yet they still invest a lot of research into how to make their scooters lighter and more robust. The Grit Elite is my favourite model within their range being only slightly more expensive than the entry model the Grit Extremist but with some superior components.

Grit Mayhem is one of the most popular scooters

If you are looking for the top of the range try the Grit Mayhem or the Invader. These 2 models will leave the other guys in the stunt parks standing and really are aimed at the experienced riders. The octagonal reinforced downtube on both these scooters help to ensure that the chance of a cracks and snaps are limited. The invader actually has a concave deck which aids control when pulling tricks, both come with 110mm metal core wheels and Abec 9 bearings making them super smooth and fast.

Even youngsters can give it a go!

Some brands such as Slamm scooters and Madd Gear have junior models so now youngsters are starting tricks from as young as 5 years old. I guess the younger you start the better you might be able to become. Whilst it does become life consuming, riding scooters can be a top choice of hobby for your kids. They are active, and learning new skills all the time. In a world where too many of us spend too much time seating on our behinds picking up a scooter can be a start to defeating the childhood obesity that we keep being told about. Be active and have fun.

Or do you prefer a different stunt scooter? Let us know what you think...

Which is your favourite model from Grit Scooters?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      i like the grit mayhem the most because i have it!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      My favourite scooter is the grit fluxx elite 2 I recently bought 1 and it is very good I would recommend all this to those who are getting into scootering for the first time just like I am mine is orange with yes handle bars xD how long do the wheels last for on these ?