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Sudden Attack SEA Game Review

Updated on December 10, 2015


This is a similar game to Counter Strike but it allows more maps and game modes for gamers' choices. It is a free-to-play online game that allows players around the world to compete with each other. You can also choose to become a female player in this game although only a few people do this!

About Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack is an online first person shooting game developed by Asiasoft. I played this game in the year 2011. The game graphics mimics the one in Counter Strike. There are various real players inside the rooms and you cannot use cheat codes of course! I never paid attention to the story lines and what I thought was that the police force must wear blue in colour and the terrorist force must wear red. Now I realized that actually the red ones are the former SA soldiers (red) who is fighting against the SA policemen (blue) who are actually the villains! Teamwork makes up most of the parts of the game.

In-game experience

This game provides wider variations of maps than Counter Strike. There is one map where the players can shoot other players while they are floating in the anti-gravity laboratory! I never thought of playing like this! Other maps include the warehouse and an abandoned shop lot. For me, the grenades used in the Sudden Attack are much more powerful than the ones used in Counter Strike. I never killed a single person using grenades in Counter Strike but I can kill at least one or two in Sudden Attack! Players can also choose to become a male or a female shooter. Once a player shot dead, he can respawn and re-enter the game. Players can earn digital currencies in the form of cash and points and he can only rent a weapon for a few days. The number of successful shootings, respawns, and level of participation determine player's military rankings. There are various unique game modes that you cannot found in Counter Strike; such as Headhunt mode, Touchdown mode, and Big Head modes.

Experience with other players

This is a game where I found various other expert players. It is really difficult to shoot at them because they are as agile as monkey. Take the anti-gravity laboratory for example, they can jump from one side to another side but they can still aim accurately and I could get a head shot from them! There is no safe place for you to hide yourself since there are so many players around in a room. You could receive a grenade from your enemies even if you are hiding inside a hole or ventilator! Some of them just blindly throw their grenades into the ventilator or into the cargo container to make sure that there is nobody hiding inside it. Sometimes, I just hide myself under a staircase to take opportunity on unwary players.

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All in all, Sudden Attack, just like Counter Strike, is a fun to play. Most importantly, you can compete with various players around the world without paying a single cent!

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