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Super Fun Adjustable Stilts

Updated on October 25, 2013

I got a pair of stilts for my 8th birthday – that was a long time ago. They were home-made by my dad and they were wooden poles with footrests screwed onto the side. I loved them and so did all my friends. These days most children are more interested in computer-based games that didn’t exist when I was a child, but stilts are great fun and a way to keep your children active to minimize the threat of obesity.

Modern stilts are very different to the pair I had, but operate in the same way, and require you to be balanced and co-ordinated .

These stilts are lightweight and made of steel with rubber feet for non-slip walking. The shoulder supports are angled to give more control. They are suitable for children from age 6 all the way up to adults. They are adjustable between 56 and 66 inches, which means when the kids are at school you can have a play on them yourself! The fact that they are adjustable also means they are a toy that can last for years as they can grow with your child.

Walking on stilts is actually very good exercise and burns lots of calories. You must be able to work your arm and lift you foot on the same side of the body in harmony. At first it is tricky but once you ”get it” it is a skill you don’t forget.One important thing to remember is to not keep your weight forward a little so that you won’t topple backwards.

There are other brands of stilts available.

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