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Super-Villains of the Darkness

Updated on July 20, 2012

The Darkest Souls from the Macabre Shadow

Horrible secrets... kept in the still, forbidding places. Feared by mankind, and we wonder what grim, despairing forces spawned these iconic enemies of truth and justice! What dark nature instills them with evil?

Yes, they have ever beckoned at your door, subtly calling, intimately drawing your attention as they undo all that is good! These are the bad people, the super-villains that played with the night and shadow and worked in the darkness. Only they have grasped the tantalizing greatness of unfolding power, as they were the ones to risk deals with powers better left alone!

Within this wispy archive, we will be detailing each super-villain bestowed the dark-gift of night and shadowy essence; perhaps unknown, and likely avoided, they represent the esoteric and horrible, the vile poisonous needle to goodness and the methodical, encroaching blackness. These are the ones who travel the dark path; only they see the tenebrous power that lures.

What about the good guys?

Interested in reading about the

Superheroes of the Darkness?

Tanya Sealy, The Black Mamba
Tanya Sealy, The Black Mamba

Black Mamba

The Lustful Darkness That Surrounds

The Black Mamba's true name is Tanya Sealy, a call-girl who gained her powers through an experimental, psionic implant by the Roxxon Oil Industry as part of an agreement to search for the fabled Serpent Crown. Over the course of her career, she has served vengeful purposes and used her talents as a Super-Villain.

With powers tapping into the Darkforce, Black Mamba is an extremely deadly adversary; she is capable of telepathically drawing an image from her victim's mind and forming it out of darkness. To the observer, the image seems real. Once created, the object surrounds the target and begins a process suffocation until death.

Typically, Black Mamba is a follower, and not prone to work alone. Her previous career as a call-girl has trained her in seduction, disarming her opponents through lust and envy. Although greedy, she seems to lack "creative goals"; she has served in The Serpent Society, B.A.D. Girls, The Serpent Squad, Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, and even worked in The Secret Avengers. She may be involved in a super-group known as The Initiative at this time.

Black Mamba first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #64 (June 1980).

Dormammu - Master of the Dark Dimension

Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension
Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension

One of the greatest foes of evil, Dormammu is something like a malevolent, overbearing demon, but more akin to a powerful sorcerer with godlike abilities. His powers and strength come from his domain, known as "The Dark Dimension".

Of those powers, Dormammu is known to have many. He can rest all sorts of arcane energies, including the elements and esoteric powers of a sorcerer. His continuing presence, however, seems eternally tied to the dimension of darkness, his prison and dwelling place. It is there that he remains the strongest.

On multiple occasions, Dormammu has tried to escape his homeland; so far, he has been thwarted, mainly by Stephen Strange (A.K.A. Doctor Strange) and sometimes with the help of The Defenders.

Dormammu has been around for many years, spreading his evil. He first appeared in Strange Tales #126 (Nov. 1964).

The Dark Dimension

A "Pocket Universe" created by the extra-dimensional race known as the Faltine, to enslave Dormammu.

Looking for Dormammu? - Always search near Dr. Strange.

Dormammu is a consistent nemesis of Dr. Strange, whose main objective is to protect and defend the earth, and this prime plane of existence, against extra-dimensional powers.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme [Blu-ray]
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme [Blu-ray]

Dormammu is the main villain in this quintessential animated piece depicting the Sorcerer Supreme's origin. It is a great film and I highly recommend it.


Anyone missing?

Super-Villains to come.

Just in case you thought your hero was left out intentionally from this superheroes list of the dark, shadowy, and powers of the night, fear not! The following is a compendium of characters being researched ; return often for updates:

Asylum, Blackheart, Blackout, Ian Karkull, Mr. Negative, Quagmire, The Shade, Spot, and Vanisher.

If your character is missing, leave a note in the guestbook.

Thanks for dropping by. If you support this information and would like to see more of it in the future, please leave a comment about what you saw or how you feel. Likewise, if you notice any errors, let me know.

Villainous Feedback - What do you think about these shadowy trouble-makers?

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