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Survival Camping | Disaster Planning

Updated on August 8, 2013

Survival Camping - Is It Important To Know How To Survive?

Camping has become one of the biggest leisure activities for families over the last decade. What we consider camping was actually how - minus all the luxury items - prehistoric man use to survive, off the land.

Survival Camping has become more popular over the recent years as well. Many people speculate this is due to our unstable economy and money/power hungry world. People don't feel as secure as they once did, they feel the need to be prepared for the unknown ahead. Really who can blame them, look what happened back in 2003 with the black out.

Being prepared only makes sense. Disaster planningis essential for survival, planning will help keep your mind as ease - and if anything ever does happen you'll be prepared!

Survival Plan

Survival Strategies

One of the first things you should do is sit down with your family - even if they think you're crazy, they love you and will listen to you - and discuss your survival plan and survival strategies.

Disaster Escape Location

You need to decide where you will go in the case of a disaster. Depending on where you live map out a route and know the end destination.

If anyone ever gets separated from you it's important that they know where their going.

Get a map and discuss the areas that will be a good escape in the case of a disaster. Talk about several locations - depending on the disaster you may need to go to a new location, picking 5 of the top suited locations will help avoid chaos.

Make sure the location you pick has essential resources like running water, wood, wild life, and sheltered areas.

Make a List of Essential Survival Supplies

Make a list of all essential supplies that you will need, this list may include:

•bottled water

•canned goods, dried foods, supplements, ect

•warm clothing, boots, hats, mitten, ect

•tent, sleeping bad, ground cover

•fishing gear, knife, axe, fire starter kit ect

•Cooking pots,

It is important to keep everyone calm during the event of a disaster. Being prepared and knowing what to do will help keep everyone's mind at ease a little bit.

The Rule of Three

You can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without warmth, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

Operation Order for Survival

1)The first thing you need to do once you get to your location is Shelter. Being protected from the elements is top propriety for survival.

2)Next is finding a source of water. You can only live 3 days with water, but after a day without water your body and mind start to slow down, making it hard for you to function.

3)Next is fire. You need to collect materials and start a fire. Collect wood and store it in a near by location.

4)Last but not least is food. Food is the least of your worries when your in survival mode. You can live for 3 week with consuming food.

Survival Shelter - Keeping the Warmth in and the Cold Out

Survival Shelter - Keeping the Warmth in and the Cold Out
Survival Shelter - Keeping the Warmth in and the Cold Out

Survival Kits

Survival kits contain supplies and tools to provide a person with shelter against the elements. A good survival kit will also have materials to keep the person warm, meet their health and first aid needs, provide food and water, signal to rescuers, and assist them in finding their way back to help.

The specific supplies or tools that fit in each of these categories are listed below.

Survival Kits

•Reflective aluminum or light weight windbreaker

•waterproof matches or lighter

•First aid kits

•Rubbing Alcohol

•Iodine tablets for emergency water purification

•3 days supply of water

•Collapsible (empty) water bags or containers

•Canned food, Ready-to-eat meals

•Compass, GPS navigation equipment

•Maps of the region

•Survival manual

•Hunting knife

•Sharpening stone

•Folding saw or cable saw

•Heavy-duty thread and needle


•Fishing kit

Disaster Planning

Do you think it's important to plan for a disaster

Survival Backpacks

If you have to leave you home in a moments notice being able to grab your prepared survival backpacks could end up saving your life.

Being able to carry everything you need on your back is essential when your in survival mode. You need to preserve your energy - lugging around extra weight will only slow you down.

Some might say that survival backpacks are a bad idea due to the fact that you may believe you have everything you'll need on your back.

This is simply not the case. Being prepared is of the utmost importance when a disaster strikes. Knowing where you're going, what route your taking, who your bring, and what your bring are all key factors.

The thing that matters most is to have the right mindset - which can be hard when everything around you that you have known and loved falls apart.

Knowing that you have a plan and are prepared should help you keep your calm. It is imperative that you take action and be in control.

Survival Fishing

Survival Fishing techniques that can be used in survival situation are, hook,line,spear,net or trap. Use whatever you have around you to catch fish, use your imagination with whatever you have on hand.

Fish are usually more active early in the morning and late at night - when the bugs are out.

Watch the body of water you are near to see where fish go at different times of the day.

Fish seek out cooler waters during the heat of the day and warmer waters when its cool out.

When you catch a fish that is big enough to eat, slit it's throat immediately. Descale the fish with your knife, run a slit up it's belly and pull out the entrails. Cut off the fishes head and tail, bones are easier to remove after the fish has been cooked.

Fish do not take long to cook, you can boil, sun dry, bake or grill the fish which ever way you have means of doing.

One of the Many Times I have Gone Fishing

One of the Many TimesI have Gone Fishing
One of the Many TimesI have Gone Fishing

Survival First Aid Kits

First Aid Camping/Survival Kits

Having well stocked survival first aid kits is important. You never know when your going to need medical supplies to help someone.

A basic first aid kit should include:

•bandages and gauze of various sizes

•antiseptic creams and ointments

•sterile wipes and rinse solutions

•pain medicine

•tweezers, scissors, and knife

•sunburn relief spray, bug spray

•anti-diarrhea medicine

•flash light with extra batteries

•needle and thread

•finger splint

•sterile eye pads

•vinyl gloves

•fist aid guide

Knife Camping/Survival


Survival Equipment - Tents

It is always smart to have a tent on hand, you never know when you might need to use it.

Let me know what you think of my Survival Camping | Disaster Planning lens. I'd appreciate any and all feed back.

Survivng is what I do!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Thanks for these great tips! This would have truly come in handy for me a few years back. My and my family had a camping trip and I had a fall which broke my hips. I had to undergo hip replacement surgery which isn't so bad because what I am worried about right now is the possibility of a DePuy Pinnacle Recall.

    • schofieldml profile image

      schofieldml 8 years ago

      Good information. I will be adding this to my Lensroll on one of my lenses.