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Swing and Slide Playsets: Outdoor Toys

Updated on March 17, 2012
Swing-N-Slide Winchester Wood Playset
Swing-N-Slide Winchester Wood Playset

If you have a large enough outside space, investing in some great outdoors equipment like a swing and slide playset is definitely worth the consideration. After all, children have a lot of energy - all they need is somewhere to burn it off. They can use it alone or with siblings, and it is sure to be a hit when young friends come to visit. Younger children will get the most enjoyment from a playset - the examples pictured are suitable for kids up to the age of about 10. In my opinion, the larger swing and slide playsets, which also have other features such as climbing walls, have the best overall play value simply because there is more to do. And children, being children, are great at incorporating an imaginative element into the simplest of things - I have observed my own children turning play equipment into all sorts of pretend scenarios to fit in with a current game. A base, a can be anything they want it to be, especially if you opt for one of the sets with platforms and a canopy.

Below is a selection of swing and slide sets on offer. Most feature other activities as well - rock walls in particular are a popular addition. Seesaws, too, are often added on to the ends of playsets. Lots of choice is great, especially if you have several children or have friends or family over frequently. If you can afford it, you can virtually add an entire compact playground to your backyard.

Wooden swing and slide sets are attractive and long-lasting. Many have long (5 or 10 year) warranties on the timber, against rot, decay and insect damage. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing an expensive item - you know you are not going to have to concern yourself with timber deterioation for considerable time.

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Play Set

This is a fantastic swing and slide set. It is a self-assemby set, with a lot included in the price. Everything that you will need to put together this set is contained inside the box, including the Rapid-Loc Bracket System, illustrated instructions, pre-cut timber and poly-coated uprights. The manufacturer gives the assembly time as 5-10 hours, although many customers report rather longer durations.

This swing and slide set features:

Climbing Wall with 8 Rocks

8" Wave Slide

2 Swing Seats

Monkey Bars with End Ladder

Ring/Trapeze Combo

2 Play Decks


Picnic Bench

Dimensions of this set are: 15 ft (width) x 17 ft (length) x 11 ft (height)

Swing-N-Slide Winchester Wood Swing and Slide Playset

This swing and slide playset features 3 play decks in total, amounting to 32 square feet. Two of the decks are 4 ft high, and the other is 5 ft high. As with most of the Swing-N-Slide sets, everything you need to assemble this product is contained inside the box, including illustrated plans, pre-cut lumber and poly-coated uprights and the award-winning Rapid-LOC bracket system. This is a really fun playset, easily accommodating multiple children. Features are as follows:

8 ft Wave Slide

2 Swings

2 person Glider

3 Play Decks

Steering Wheel

Picnic Table

8 Rock Climbing Wall

Dimensions: 9 ft (width) x 19 ft (length) x 10 ft (height)

Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber and Swing Set

This is the only plastic swing and slide set featured here, yet it is definitely one of the best plastic sets on offer. Step2 are a highly reputable company, which produces the majority of its toys in the USA. The Naturally Playful Climber and Swing Set is a great choice for younger children. The product is self-assembly, and is easy to set up, especially when compared to the wooden sets. The plastic used is durable and high quality, and can withstand the elements. Indeed, it has received numerous excellent reviews from previous purchasers, and is a less expensive choice than timber.

The Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber and Swing Set features:

5.5 ft Slide

2 Strap Swings (a toddler seat could be added but is not included)

Playhouse Hideaway with Door and Crawl-Through Portals (great for imaginations)

Small Deck

Dimensions: 115" (length) x 110" (width) x 75" (height)

Swing-N-Slide Creekside Play Set Kit

Another play set from Swing-N-Slide, the Creekside kit would make a wonderful contribution to any outside space. This set comes with pre-cut and pre-stained timber (althoughin this case you do need nine additional 4x4x8 boards). Illustrated plans and a DVD featuring installation tips should send you on your way to creating the idyllic backyard for your children.

Again, this swing and slide set has a lot of additional features to keep your kids happy and entertained.

Included is:

8 ft Wave Slide

Two Belted Swings

Disc Swing

8 Rock Climbing Wall


Steering Wheel

Pirate's Ladder

Cliff Climber

11 ft Play Deck


Dimensions: 11 ft (length) x8 ft (width) x 11 ft (height)

Parkside Wood Swing Set

 The Parkside Wood Swing Set is a self-assembly kit containing pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-treated stained wood.  The stain used for the wood is environmentally friendly.  The swing set comes with a 10 year warranty against wood rot, decay and insect damage. 

The Parkside Wood Swing Set features:

Wave Slide

Rock Wall


2 Swings



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