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Swing Set Accessories Add New Life to Playsets

Updated on January 30, 2010
Buoy Ball Full Set Up by Gorilla Playsets
Buoy Ball Full Set Up by Gorilla Playsets

Swing Set Accessories

If you are looking for fun swing set accessories this article will review some fun toys that are currently on the market. One of my favorite accessories is the Buoy Ball by Swing Works with a full set-up. With the full set-up, it includes a trapeze bar, two triangular rings and one ball. The chain on this set is strong and made from zinc plated at 34 inches in length. Plus the zinc S-Hook is included for easy of hanging. What is great about this product is it actually has three play options. First, sit on the ball and swing and bounce, secondly you can remove the ball and just use the trapeze bar. The trapeze bar is great for swinging and hanging upside down. Add the optional gym rings and the play value has tripled. The Buoy ball is available in for different color choices, red, blue, green, yellow, and the accessories match. For example, if you purchase a red set, the trapeze bar, rings and ball will all be in red. The chain is plastisol coated to protect fingers. Made from soft rubber material this inflates to a couple of different sizes. Once, you purchase this you will need to inflate it at home, if you do not have an air pump try a local tire store or gas station.

Stand N Swing by Creative Playthings

Stand N Swing by Creative Playthings

Another favorite for an older child is the Stand N Swing by Creative Playthings. In bright green the child stands on the unit and holds on to the rope as they move back and forth. This easily attaches to wooden swing sets just like any other accessory and requires no special hardware. The seat area has molded out spot for the child to put there feet into. Imagine the fun the Kids will have on the Stand N Swing. Due to the fact that it is close to the ground, the center of gravity, adds a extra bit of safety in case they fall off. Skills associated with type of play are balance, coordination and strength.

LifeBouy Swing by Swing-N-Slide

Introduced in 2008, this tire swing is shaped and called a LifeBouy Swing and is designed by Swing-N-Slide This is one fun Lifebuoy for up to three kids. It features a 360° degree swing, which encourages children to work together as a team as they twist and spin around. What's great about this item is that several children can enjoy it at the same time. If you purchase this it includes ropes and instructions which makes for easy installation. The color is a bright fun blue with yellow ropes, this can be used by children with a combined weight limit of up to 350 pounds. For safety, I would only allow 2 to 3 children at one time of this tire swing.

Teach children to play safe on equipment and to use products in the manner they were intended for. Safety and supervision go hand and hand.

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