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Swing Sets For Kids

Updated on March 5, 2012

Swing Sets Have Lots of Options - How Do You Decide Which One Is Right For Your

Take a few minutes and look at all the the swing set images. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of features you want on your

swing set. Yes, of course you should let the children help with the list. Learning about the different styles, models and swing set options that are available will help when it time to choose a model. Once, you understand and know which options are important to your family you

can then decide on a budget. This makes shopping for one much easier.

Videos of Gorilla Playsets - Shows Features and Benefits

Blue Ridge Chateau - Gorilla Playsets

Blue Ridge Chateau II Swing Set, this Gorilla Playset is our top selling wooden swing set and for good reason, it features a Tic-Tac-Toe spinner panels that toddlers love!

Plus, it has Maintenance-free timber shield protective poly coating on main beams which includes the corner posts and the swing beam. This Sharp looking swing set boasts a tongue in groove cedar wood roof with decorative sunbursts, dormers, and chimney. 4"x 4" framing 4" x 6" swing beam 4' x 6' play deck 5' deck height 3 position swing beam with Iron ductile swing hangers 2 swings with plastisol coated chains 1 trapeze bar with handles (plastisol coated chains) Rock wall with climbing rope Climbing rope ladder Built-in picnic table - Sandbox Safety step ladder Extreme Wave Slide Safety handles - Telescope - Flag Kit - Tic-Tac-Toe spinner panel Factory stained and sealed wood that is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage All required lumber: pre-cut, pre-sanded, and pre-stained. Main beams are even pre-drilled! All required hardware Step-by-step 3-D illustrated instructions and owner's manual Free standing design (requires no grounding stakes for support) Limited 10 year warranty on wood, 1 year on accessories Swing Set Shipping Delivered 5 boxes - 55 cubic feet weight - 840 lbs Approximate Assembly Time: 6-8 Hours **FOR RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY**

Gorilla Playsets - Wooden Swing Sets and Playsets

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Big Skye I Swing SetBig Skye II Swing SetOuting III Swing SetMountaineer Swing Set
Big Skye I Swing Set
Big Skye I Swing Set
Big Skye II Swing Set
Big Skye II Swing Set
Outing III Swing Set
Outing III Swing Set
Mountaineer Swing Set
Mountaineer Swing Set

Swing Set Accessories - Easy To Attach

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Teach Your Children To Play Safe On Swing Sets

Safe Play Guidelines


Safe Play Guidelines

In order to provide a safer and more enjoyable play experience for your children, Swing-N-Slide offers the following list of safety recommendations:

1. On-site adult supervision must be provided for children of all ages.

2. Be sure to teach children the following before allowing them to use the equipment:

Do not walk close to, in front of, behind or between moving items.

Do not twist swing or other accessory chains or ropes or loop them over the top support bar. This will reduce the strength of the chain or rope.

Do not swing empty seats or other accessories.

Sit in the center of the swing seat and other accessories with full weight on seat.

Do not use equipment in a manner other than intended.

Do not get off equipment while it is in motion.

Do not climb on equipment when it is wet.

Climbing or hanging on the frame of swing sets must not be permitted.

Serious injuries can result from falls.

3. Only one child per planned occupant seat should be allowed on this set at one time. Individual accessory weight limitations may vary, see packaging for details.

4. All climbing ropes must be secured at both ends so they cannot be looped back on themselves. (A rope that is not taut enough may cause a strangulation hazard.)

5. Dress children appropriately for play. Avoid clothing with draw strings and loose fitting clothing which could become entangled or snagged on equipment.

6. Do not attach extra items to the play equipment such as jump ropes, chain, clothes line, pet leashes or other items unless those items are Swing-N-Slide products specifically approved for use with this product. Failure to do so may cause a strangulation hazard.

Swing-N-Slide - Swing Set Accessories

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      lookingfortoys 5 years ago

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      Fantastic information, thanks so much. Wish I had a swing set like these when I was little.