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Swing sets - Big outdoor Fun

Updated on October 22, 2014

For years, the all time favorite swing set is still the most desired play set for kids. Until now many perents still acquire them and would even invest a bigger amount of money, just to get the best quality swing set available. Nowadays swing sets are not only for those who has cash to spare, with the technological improvements in the materials being used, the prices are much more affordable due to the utilization of cheap but high quality materials, various play systems also made their own way to be known in the public. Simple swing sets are no longer enjoyable for most of the children. Hence, parents are looking for an outdoor play set that their children will surely like. Let’s explore the innovative features of these newer play systems.

The new play-systems, Swing Set as well as Jungle Gyms and Forts are sometimes used interchangeably. These are available through a lot of stores who sells outdoor play paraphernalia such as swing sets. You don’t have to worry about the price, because these outdoor toys are offered in customized set that is within your budget.

There are basically three types of swing set materials:

  • Wooden swing Sets

  • Metal Swing Sets

  • Plastic Swing Sets

If you are planning to buy your own wooden swing set, it is highly suggested that you take time to practice some fundamental woodwork skills matched with dedication and some real efforts. In short building those Swing set or Fort is a Do-It-Yourself activity which is definitely fun and attainable. These kits are packed with a fully illustrated manual with a step by step process bringing to you the complete procedure from buying the lumber, cutting it, making a hole, and pulling together to appending the finishing strokes. Assembling the sets alone can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Frequently asked questions for buying a swingset:

  • How much is the needed budget?
    $800 - $1400 is the common price range for this kind of swing set. But if the play sets will be shipped from different location, it will require bigger fee since you have to pay for the shipment.
  • When will I finish assembling the play set?
    It takes a least 13-15 hours in completing a whole set of swing.
  • What are the required tools?
    The do it yourself outdoor toys includes a list of required tools needed to build the sets. What you have to do is to perform some carpentry skills since the tools you need are very common. But you should take note that lumbers are not included in the kit but you can purchase them in local stores.

See! How wonderful it is to have your own swing set right in your own backyard. It will surely create an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm.

Video by Swingset manufacturer Kid's Creations, LLC.


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