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Switchables Night Light

Updated on March 18, 2014

Switchables Night Light

A Switchables Night Light is a great way to give a gift (to someone OR yourself) that can be customized as time goes on. Switchables night lights are a great idea - a single night light base that has a bunch of different stained glass night light covers that can be switched or swapped at any point!

There are Switchable night light covers in a whole variety of themes - animals, insects, fairies, and so much more. Getting one of these awesome night lights for a kid, teen, or even adult is something that will be appreciated for years to come. The best part is that you only need one Switchable night light base and you can then let your loved one choose whatever covers they want.

I made this lens to help bring all the best of these fun night lights into one place where you can get the best deals. Or - search for all Switchables night lights here.

Image source: This switchables night light cover

Start With A Switchables Night Light Fixture - Then add the covers as you go!

Switchables Rotating Night Light Fixture 2 pack
Switchables Rotating Night Light Fixture 2 pack

If you want to get started with the Switchables Night Lights, then you should start out with the basic Switchables Night Light fixture. This one is a basic rotating night light fixture. It is an absolute requirement before you buy any of the stained glass night light covers.

You will need one of these fixtures for every spot you want a night light. This one is a two pack which can save you a bit of money.

If you would rather just start out with one, then you can buy that here.


Get The Top Switchables Night Light Covers

Here are the best Switchables Night Light choices.  These are based on the best selling ones on Amazon (where you can get the best deal).  The favorite seems to be the hummingbird but as you can see there is also a boat, a seashell, and a birdhouse.  Other fun options here are the teapot (great for a kitchen), and the super happy pig night light cover!  

Switchables Stained Glass Hummingbird Nightlight Cover

Switchables Boat Stained Glass Night Light Cover

Switchables Stained Glass Seashell Nightlight Cover

Switchables Birdhouse Night Light Cover Birdhouse

Switchables Teapot Nightlight Cover

Switchables Stained Glass Pig Nightlight Cover

More Switchables Night Light Options!

Here are six more fun night light covers from the Switchables Catalog.  My favorite from this group is the dog with the bone in it's mouth, but the train one would be great for my nephew!

Switchables Dog Nightlight Cover

American Flag Nightlight Cover

Switchables Ladybug Nightlight Cover

Switchables - Train Stained Glass Night Light Cover


SWITCHABLES SW-136 - GRADUATION CAP Stained Glass Night Light Cover - Night Light Fixture Sold Separately

Video Review - Switchables Night Light

Stained Glass Night Lights

I really think stained glass night lights are a very unique and fun item that you can give as a gift to almost anyone. Kids will definitely love them and with the Switchables brand you can really find just about any theme for the glass night light that you might be looking for. Whether you want an 'evergreen' light cover that will be great all year (such as a bug, fairy, or their favorite superhero), or a bunch of holiday shades that you can change as time goes on - you'll be able to find the night lights to suit your wishes.

That's one of the things I love about stained glass - as an artist it is so fun and easy to customize whatever piece you are working in. It also means you can help create pieces that more and more people will want!

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I'd have to say my favorite thing about them would be the number of options available. You could, for a great price get a new night light cover every month and have tons of choice to suit your moods! There are so many things to like about these sets!

What do you like about the Switchables Night Light?

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