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SWTOR Defeat Killik Ambush in Siege Mentality

Updated on January 3, 2013

SWTOR Siege Mentality

SWTOR Siege Mentality - using cauterize and then zealous strikes to defeat the killik praetor
SWTOR Siege Mentality - using cauterize and then zealous strikes to defeat the killik praetor

In SWTOR, the jedi knight is tasked with investigating the killik tunnels in the Siege Mentality Mission. Here, the jedi sentinel will have to face a lot of killiks and then find that his master Orgus Din is alive . This is the Siege Mentality mission, where Orgus Din lies deep within enemy territory (Mensaav Military Laboratory) and must withstand the siege of the killiks and come out alive at the end of the siege. This will showcase some of the mass attack abilities of the jedi sentinel and guide the jedi sentinel on how to defeat the giant killik praetor.

SWTOR Get to Orgus Din

Before the jedi sentinel can get to Orgus Din, he must defeat killiks in the compound outside the tunnels and the lab and then within the lab itself. The more difficult part of the mission comes before the hero can get into the lab proper. Here the jedi sentinel will face two silver star killik mobs and their larvae. The larvae are vicious creatures which can deal lots of damage quickly but have low health. Use force sweep to mass attack and defeat them and then concentrate on the killik tankers. Use a medpak to heal up and then use critical burning damage to defeat the tanker fast before the jedi sentinel runs out of health. Use the sentinel’s companion to hold off the other tanker. When the two tankers are defeated, turn your attention towards the door and use the lightsaber to rip them apart.

SWTOR Defeat the Killik Ambush

After a heartwarming exchange with Orgus Din, the cavern will shake and part of the wall will fall apart, letting lots of killiks into the lab. The jedi knight will have to use force sweep to deal with masses of killiks and then use fast damaging melee attacks to destroy them fast. Once the jedi sentinel gets to 30 stacks of centering, use transcendence to increase speed and melee attack and defence. If the killik masses and attacks get too overwhelming, it is a bonus to activate heroic moment – channel the force, and then switch on a legacy ability such as legacy storm lightning to rapidly defeat the killik masses. Eventually, the killik masses will die and then the real menace will appear.

SWTOR Defeat the Killik Praetor

The jedi sentinel may be in low health by the time the killik praetor enters the fray, so use a medpak to heal up. Now use force jump to reach the killik praetor and then prepare to defeat it really quickly with critical burn damage. Go into Zen mode, and then activate cauterize and create some critical burning damage (specialty of the jedi sentinel watchman skill tree branch). Hold the killik praetor in force stasis, and allow the critical burning damage to continue until it expires. Then use Pacify to reduce its accuracy. Follow this up with heavy quick melee attacks and defeat the Killik Praetor.


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