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SWTOR Defeat Master Vossan in the Ultimate Warriors Mission

Updated on January 3, 2013

SWTOR Defeat Master Vossan in the Ultimate Warriors Mission

Using the Shadow Strike to Defeat Master Vossan in the Ultimate Warriors
Using the Shadow Strike to Defeat Master Vossan in the Ultimate Warriors

SWTOR Defeat Master Vossan in the Ultimate Warriors Mission

In SWTOR, the hero jedi consular will attempt to bring another jedi master back from the brink of the plague. The jedi consular or jedi shadow will infiltrate the ranks of the sand people and attempt to uncover the secret plans of Eriz Vossan as he tries to build the ultimate sand people warriors who will live on long after the jedi and the sith cease to exist. This is the ultimate warriors mission, part of the jedi consular class mission and the final class mission on Tatooine. This will guide the jedi shadow in using tactics to defeat Master Vossan at about two or three levels below the recommended level, and illustrate the use of the jedi shadow skills at the same time.

SWTOR Jedi Shadow Mid Level Abilities

The Jedi Shadow is a specialization of the jedi consular class, and has the following abilities at the mid level 20 range –

  • Shadow Strike – the jedi shadow’s version of the backstab.
  • Force Technique – this technique allows the jedi shadow to add a chance of periodic kinetic damage to the enemy.
  • Combat Technique – this technique allows the jedi shadow to add a chance of periodic internal damage to the enemy and also will heal the jedi shadow occasionally.
  • Force Breach – this ability allows the jedi shadow to breach the enemy’s weak points, allowing group attack for combat technique and increased damage for force technique.
  • Force Stun – stuns the enemy for a short period and causes kinetic energy damage. Sets up the jedi shadow for a shadow strike.
  • Project – throws debris at the enemy, damaging the enemy.
  • Telekinetic Throw – hurls a series of projectile stones at the enemy, causing large amounts of kinetic damage and slowing down the enemy.
  • Force in Balance – this ability is obtained by building up the balance pathway of the jedi shadow skill tree, causing damage and healing the jedi shadow.
  • Heroic Moment – Channel the Force – allows the hero to heal up and then activate legacy skills if any
  • Defensive skills such as deflection, force slow and force speed.

SWTOR Use Tactics and Abilities to Defeat Master Vossan

The jedi shadow should heal up and buff up before confronting Master Vossan. This is a must by the time the hero reaches Master Vossan, because she would have been attacked by lots of sand people by then. Defeat the three sand people hanging just outside Master Vossan’s location and then approach him.

Approach Master Vossan in stealth mode and use mind maze on him to immobilize him at the beginning of combat. Next, use shadow strike on the enemy and then use force stun on the enemy immediately after. When Master Vossan is stunned, use another shadow strike on him. In this way, Vossan would have been damaged quite a lot before even retaliating.

Vossan will hit back with vengeance, being a jedi sentinel who wields two lightsabers. Be prepared to heal up as health drops, and then use force in balance to damage Vossan, whilst healing up at the same time. It is worthwhile to bring a healing companion for this fight. If the hero’s health is dropping really fast, then use force slow on Vossan and use force speed on the hero. Run towards the other end of the platform and watch as Vossan attempts to chase after the jedi shadow. During this time, the jedi shadow will be healed up by the healing companion.

Once health has been relatively restored, go back to Vossan and unleash heroic moment – channel the force. Then activate sith lightning (legacy skill). Melee attack Vossan and add on offensive abilities and defensive abilities in the attacks. Vossan will be defeated.


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