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SWTOR Defeat Salarr in the Rescue Quest

Updated on April 23, 2012

SWTOR Defeating Salarr

SWTOR Defeating Salarr in the Rescue Quest with T7-01
SWTOR Defeating Salarr in the Rescue Quest with T7-01

SWTOR The Rescue Quest

In SWTOR, before being able to bring Kira Carsen on board the first jedi knight quest, the jedi knight must complete the rescue quest. This first part of the rescue quest involves trying to “convince” Sergeant Nidaljio at the black sun terrority sector on Coruscant to take on the black suns and disable the security terminals. The next part of the rescue quest involves finding Salarr and defeating him and the black sun marauders. This will provide the jedi knight / sentinel with tactics to defeat Salarr and his bodyguards.

SWTOR Use Force Persuade on Sergeant Nidaljio

The rescue quest requires the jedi knight to speak to Sergeant Nidaljio. This will earn the jedi knight some dark side points, if the jedi knight wishes to become a dark jedi. When talking to Sergeant Nidaljio, use force persuade to “convince” him to command his men to help the jedi knight take on Salaar and his black sun marauders.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat Salarr and Dark Sun Marauders

After disabling the security terminals and defeating some dark sun minions and droids, the jedi knight is able to pinpoint the location of Salarr. Head there for a showdown with Salarr.

Salarr will be guarded by his dark sun marauders. Unfortunately, the jedi knight is still accompanied by his R2-D2 clone T7-01. Tactics to defeat Salarr involve buffing up with a fortitude stim and then running up there and striking Salarr. One could also back up a bit further from Salarr and do a force jump. It would be ideal to engage force might (force valor will concurrently be activated if the jedi knight was in a legacy system within SWTOR), rebuke and saber ward before launching a series of offensives on Salarr and his dark sun marauders. Use force sweep to stun the dark sun marauders. Force sweep will also do some significant damage on Salarr. Concentrate attacks on Salarr. The jedi sentinel will be able use zealous strike on Salarr. Zealous Strike is a double attack with twin lightsabers on Salarr. Keep striking Salarr to increase focus. Then use blade storm to achieve high damage on Salarr. By this point, hopefully T7-01 would have finished off the dark sun marauders.

If the jedi sentinel is down in half, use healing paks to heal up at this point. Do not discount the ability of slash when Zen is activated. This will allow the jedi sentinel to strike at Salaar wihout the need for focus. Slash creates rapid moderate damage. By observing which powers or abilities cool down faster, and then repeat using these abilties in a sequential way from maximal damage to moderate damage (and in add judicious healing), Salarr will be defeated.

Complete the rescue quest and learn that Doctor Tarnis is in fact a traitor of the republic. It's time to race to the jedi temple ruins.

SWTOR Rescuing Doctor Tarnis


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