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SWTOR Defeat Zeer in Kidnapped Quest

Updated on April 14, 2012

SWTOR Defeat Zeer

SWTOR Defeat Zeer - Observe the jedi sentinel skills Zealous Strike at work here.
SWTOR Defeat Zeer - Observe the jedi sentinel skills Zealous Strike at work here.

SWTOR Defeat Zeer in Kidnapped Quest

In SWTOR, the jedi knight can become the jedi sentinel and display his sentinel skills in the kidnapped quest. The kidnapped quest takes place within the republic capital of Coruscant. Although Zeer is not a difficult foe to defeat, this is likely the first chance for the jedi sentinel to show off his early sentinel abilities and his dual lightsaber wielding abilities against a mini boss and this will be described here.

SWTOR Kidnapped Quest

The kidnapped quest takes place after the jedi sentinel is asked by Agent Galen to retrieve some stolen items. On his return, the jedi sentinel learns that Doctor Tarnis has been kidnapped by Zeer and his black sun raider men. Kira Carsen, the jedi sentinel second companion, is at the Coruscant spaceport investigating the kidnapped case. Before one gets too excited, she is unavailable as a usable companion in this particular quest, and is therefore not quite ready to be romanced until after this quest.

SWTOR Tactics To Defeat Zeer

The jedi sentinel needs to combine his jedi knight and his jedi sentinel abilities to effectively and flamboyantly defeat Zeer. At level 10, the jedi sentinel will have the sentinel abilities – Zen, zealous strike (strikes the target multiple times with two lightsabers) and rebuke (reduces all damage taken and deals energy damage to enemies). In addition, the jedi sentinel will also have the jedi knight ability master strike.

Before reaching Zeer, the jedi sentinel can defeat Zeer's Black Sun raiders as practice (bonus quest). Next, approach Zeer and then stop at a comfortable distance from Zeer. Do not advance towards him just yet. Check that the jedi sentinel has the following -

  • Equip the two lightsabers through the dual wielding passive ability of the sentinel. The sentinel lightsaber is located in a backpack in the inventory of the sentinel. Click on it to retrieve the sentinel lightsaber. Now place the sentinel lightsaber in the sentinel's offhand.
  • Bring at least one medpak for the fight
  • Bring at least one adrenalin stim and one fortitude stim into the fight.

Now the jedi sentinel is ready to defeat Zeer.

  • Force jump into Zeer.
  • Strike at Zeer until enough focus has been accumulated.
  • Move down the quick inventory slots and use zealous strike and the master strike ability. These two abilities do not need focus.
  • Launch force sweep at Zeer's black raider bodyguards, and then use storm blade on Zeer.
  • When centering stacks to 30, activate Zen.
  • Use healing when the jedi sentinel's health is down to about half.
  • Repeat the above steps, using abilities when they cool down and instinctively defeat Zeer.

Now bask in the satisfaction of having defeated Zeer using a combination of mostly early Jedi sentinel abilities and a bit of Jedi knight abilities.


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