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SWTOR Dread Masters Quest

Updated on February 18, 2012

SWTOR Freeing the Dread Masters

SWTOR Freeing the Dread Masters
SWTOR Freeing the Dread Masters

SWTOR Dread Masters Quest

In SWTOR, the dread masters quest is a side quest on Belsavius. This Belsavius side quest is interesting and useful because it offers the hero a chance to level up at the late 30s to early 40s level and because it allows the sith assassin to receive the deadly red crystal reward. This deadly red crystal allows +20 critical rating in the lightsaber and greatly increases the backstab maul probability of the sith assassin. This will guide the sith assassin in using various tactics to defeat Heart Rend and completing the dread masters quest.

SWTOR Tracking the Dread Masters Quest

In SWTOR, the sith assassin will meet Commander Calum at Belsavius Orbital Station. Commander Calum will give the hero various tasks that will culminate in the hero going to the Remote Imperial post and getting the tracking the dread masters quest. At the remote imperial post, the hero will chance upon the body of one of the operatives involved in tracking the dread masters. Click on the body to receive the dread masters quest. Follow the clues on the datapad to Vault 914. Head to Vault 914 to find a security console. Use this to find a recording of the fate of the operatives involved in finding the dread masters. This will unlock the Terror in the Flesh quest. The dread masters can be found in Cave-Under-Tree. Use the map to head there and confront Heart Rend, the esh-kha leader responsible for holding the Dread Masters hostage.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat Heart Rend

In SWTOR Terror in the Flesh quest, the sith assassin heads to Cave-Under-Tree at the Tomb, where he will eventually confront Heart Rend. Cave-Under-Tree is accessible through an elevator that leads deep down from the surface of the Tomb area. Defeat the esh-kha on route and then take on Heart Rend. Heart Rend is surrounded by other esh-kha. The key to defeating Heart Rend is to eliminate the other esh-kha first (high savants). Use Talos Drelik as the companion here. Quickly head to the side and tackle the other esh-kha. Use overload and mass attacks like lacerate to take them out as fast as possible. Now for the sith assassin, once the other esh-kha are finished, go into force cloak and head out to one corner of the room to heal up. Now buff up and head into the chamber to confront and defeat Heart Rend. Use the following tactics - electrocute, tumult, low slash and then crushing darkness. This quest is recommended at level 43. At this level, and if the sith assassin had been leveling up the deception (damage) skill tree, then voltaic slash may be available. This very useful skill allows the sith assassin to rapidly slash Heart Rend, build up shock static charge and then attack again. This instantaneous attack simply reduces the enemy's health as fast as possible. With this combination of tactics, Heart Rend will be defeated.

Now release the dread masters, and speak to them. Unleash the havoc of the dread masters in the SWTOR universe, and then receive the deadly red crystal in the mail. Upgrade the sith assassin's lightsaber with this deadly red crystal and indulge in the critical damage it brings.


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