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SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg

Updated on March 25, 2016

SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg

SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg - head west from Justicar Checkpoint and then south following the map until the jedi consular finds Lars Baddeg
SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg - head west from Justicar Checkpoint and then south following the map until the jedi consular finds Lars Baddeg

SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg and the Noetikon of Secrets

In SWTOR, the Jedi Consular class quest line is relatively straightforwards, until the jedi consular has to find Lars Baddeg and the Noetikon of Secrets in Coruscant. The noetikon of secets is the last of the three noetikons that the Jedi Consular has to find to obtain a cure for his master Yuon Par's mysterious illness. The noetikons contain the wisdom of the jedi masters from the past, and these noetikons are interactive holocrons which allow the jedi masters to interact with the jedi consular differently depending on what questions are asked. This will guide the jedi consular through the justicar territory and venture into the Justicar Base to find Lars Baddeg and recover the Noetikon of Secrets.

SWTOR Find Lars Baddeg in Justicar Territory

In SWTOR, Lars Baddeg is notoriously hard to find because he is found deep within Justicar Territory in the heart of Justicar Base itself. From the Justicar taxi stand, the Jedi Consular has to follow the highlighted path west and then find a way south through hordes of Justicar mobs. The Jedi Consular should be at least level 12 - 15 before venturing through this Justicar infested region, otherwise it will be all in vain as the Jedi Consular and his companion Qzyen Fess will surely be defeated by the Justicar mobs somewhere along the way. It may be also be very useful for the Jedi Consular to specialize into the Jedi Shadow and sneak through this region; however the Jedi Shadow still needs to be high enough level to defeat Lars Baddeg when he finds Lars Baddeg.

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SWTOR Solving the Puzzle of the Trapped Noetikon of Secrets

In SWTOR Shadows quest, after finding Lars Baddeg, he surprisingly concedes the Noetikon of Secrets to the jedi consular without a fight. This is really a trap as the jedi consular becomes trapped within the Noetikon of Secrets and must answer a few questions to escape unhurt from the Noetikon of Secrets. The suggested answers are -

  • how do you catch an answer - you ask
  • what does the wise person know - nothing (because the wise person seeks knowledge)
  • soon this place will be overrun with enemies, what will you do - try i will defend myself

Once all three questions are answered, the jedi consular can escape from the Noetikon of Secrets and confront Lars Baddeg.

If the jedi consular is high level enough (level 12 - 15), then Lars Baddeg can be taken care of rather easily, and the jedi consular can pick up the real Noetikon of Secrets. Bastila Shan appears within the Noetikon of Secrets and amongst other masters instructs the jedi consular to look for the hidden jedi archives within the ruined jedi temple.


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  • CragOrion profile image


    16 months ago

    "Defend yourself" didn't work

    It gets you attacked

  • Mahir Anes profile image

    Mahir Anes 

    16 months ago

    on the last one it's i need more information


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