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SWTOR Prison Break Quest

Updated on February 18, 2012

SWTOR Prison Break Quest

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor's force walk abilities come back to haunt him, as the sith apparitions he has absorbed have started rebelling and destabilizing his force powers. As a result, the sith inquisitor's powers force have become volatile and unpredictable. To save himself from crumbling to the force walk sickness, the sith inquisitor must travel to the prison planet of Belsavis in search of a cure. Darth Zash advises that the sith inquisitor look for clues within Darth Thanaton's library in the sith sanctum as to what to find on Belsavis. This will guide the sith inquisitor in looking for the right lore object in the library, and then traveling to Belsavis to find the Circle, and finally defeating the rift lurkers and rift lurker monstrosity to finish the prison break quest.

SWTOR Prison Break Quest

SWTOR Prison Break Quest - Speaking to Bolan
SWTOR Prison Break Quest - Speaking to Bolan

SWTOR Find the Right Object in Darth Thanaton's Library

In SWTOR sith inquisitor class story quest, Chapter 3 (Power And Duty) begins with the demise of Darth Thanaton's apprentice. The sith inquisitor must then travel to Dromund Kaas to search Darth Thanaton's library within the sith sanctum. The librarian or imperial guard in the library will stop the sith inquisitor from entering the library. This is the opportunity for the sith inquisitor to use Force Persuade to allow the sith inquisitor to enter the library and look for ancient sith objects. The object that the sith inquisitor needs is a statue which will transmit a recorded hologram of Darth Iratus. The sith inquisitor may want to click on all objects in the library to complete the bonus quest. Darth Zash will then reveal the name of her associate on Belsavius. This is a prisoner called Bolan, and he belongs to a technological SWTOR criminal group called the Circle. Travel to Belsavius to find the Circle.

SWTOR Find the Circle on Belsavius

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor can find the Circle and the leader of the Circle Bolan in Vault K-66 at the Minimum Security Section area of Belsavius. The sith inquisitor has to speak to the Guard Captain to confirm the location of the Circle and Bolan. Head to Vault K-66 to speak to Bolan. The good thing about Belsavius is the many roads that lead from one outpost to another. Hence use the speeder bike to rapidly travel along the roads. Head into Vault K-66, and sneak past the many droids along the way if one is the sith assassin. Use Blackout for difficult sneaks. Use the map to locate Bolan. Then speak to Bolan to learn the existence of a mysterious Rakata machine. Bolan wishes to trade the knowledge of this machine for the services of the sith inquisitor. To help Bolan, the sith inquisitor must plant and then defend a galactic relay beacon from some rift lurkers and rift lurker monstrosity.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat the Rift Lurkers and the Rift Lurker Monstrosity

In SWTOR, the sith assassin must defeat the rift lurkers and the rift lurker monstrosity to complete the prison break quest. The sith assassin must use different tactics (compared to other combat situations) when dealing with the rift lurkers. The rift lurkers will leap continuously from around the sith assassin. It is not possible to deal with each rift lurker one at a time. Instead group yourself with the healer companion Talos Drelik and use lacerate and overload repeatedly. The lacerate ability of the sith assassin allows for multiple rift lurkers to be damaged, whilst the overload will stun them and also damage them. If the sith assassin is taking too much damage, allow Talos Drelik to heal you, and keep a medpak handy. The numbers of the rift lurkers will look relentless, but they will wane and be replaced by the rift lurker monstrosity.

In SWTOR, to defeat the rift lurker monstrosity, the sith assassin should revert back to his old combat techniques. This includes electrocute, backstab maul or tumult, followed by low slash and crushing darkness. It may be necessary to use channel the force to allow electrocute to reset. Use backstab maul whenever Talos Drelik uses carbonite streaming on the rift lurker monstrosity. It may take some time, but the rift lurker monstrosity will be defeated eventually.

The sith inquisitor is now close to repairing his fractured body.


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