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SWTOR The Thing Czerka Found Quest

Updated on January 7, 2012

SWTOR The Thing Czerka Found Quest

In SWTOR, the thing Czerka found is a quest on Tatooine. This is the final quest of a long archaeological side quest on Tatooine. This is one of the most interesting SWTOR side quests. This will guide the hero in navigating through the various tasks needed to complete the thing Czerka found quest.

SWTOR Events Before The Thing Czerka Found Quest

In SWTOR, there are a series of events leading up to the thing Czerka found quest. The hero has to talk to Captain Golah to initiate the series of quests. The Imperial archaeological service has unearthed artifacts on Tatooine. One particular artifact has attracted the full attention of Darth Silthar, and this artifact has landed in the hands of the Czerka organization.

In SWTOR the thing Czerka found quest, to find the Czerka base or central laboratory, the hero has to run around the Dune Sea looking for signal points and the Czerka relay towers. Once the five relay towers are found, then the hero can find the Czerka Central Laboratory.

SWTOR Czerka Central Laboratory

In SWTOR, the czerka central laboratory is a dangerous place, and it is recommended that the hero be at least level 26 or thereabouts before venturing there. The Czerka Central Laboratory has lots of "normal" Czerka guards and mutated Czerka guards. Some of the mutated Czerka guards have been altered by the transformation effects of the artifact into cyborg zombies. As the sith assassin, the hero can sneak through this area easily, although the Blackout advanced sneak skill is needed to sneak past the corridors where the enemies are congregated closely together. When approaching these areas where enemies are grouped closely together, be extra careful of the Rataka enforcer droid unit. These patrolling Rakata enforcer droid units can disrupt the best laid sneak plans by suddenly popping out of corners and becoming aggressive, and initiating an attack by all the mobs in that area, thus wiping out the hero and his companion. Also the Rataka enforcer droid unit has a freeze stun attack that prevents mobility and attack by the hero for a brief period of time. When that freeze period lapses, the hero has been eliminated by the other mobs.

Within the SWTOR Czerka Central Laboratory, the hero can also be patient and start taking out the enemies one group at a time whilst advancing to the lower levels of the Czerka Central Laboratory. This will allow the hero to fulfill the stage 1 bonus quests within the thing Czerka found quest for some extra experience points. The stage 2 bonus quest involves recovering 10 archaeological crates of alien artifacts. The final stage of the bonus quest within the thing Czerka found quest involves recovering the cybernetic director's ID badge. And then it's time to take on the Imprisoned One within the Czerka Central Laboratory.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat the Imprisoned One's Ambush

In SWTOR, the imprisoned one is the mastermind behind the strange happenings and cybernetic zombies that have infested Tatooine and the Czerka organization. The imprisoned one launches an ambush on the hero. The Imprisoned One's ambush consists of a cybernetic zombie captain attacking the hero. If the hero is a sith assassin, use Khem Val to tank the enemy and then backstab the imprisoned one's avatar. If the sith assassin has obtained the appropriate double-bladed lightsaber on Tatooine and has the appropriate critical hit ratings, then he can generate at least 1000 plus of damage on the captain on a critical attack at level 26. This will damage the captain somewhat, but he has a lot of health points and will call in adds (or additional monsters). Use overload and the dark charge version of discharge to attack multiple enemies. When the adds are gone, destroy the captain. Now the hero has 2 more tasks to do - destroy the cybernetic enhancement machine and the droid manufacturing machine. Then speak to the imprisoned one and allow him to live on within the imperial archaeological service, granting the hero some dark side points. The reward for the final part of the thing Czerka found quest is a beam charger for the hero's ship.


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