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SWTOR Use the Mother Machine

Updated on February 18, 2012

SWTOR Use the Mother Machine

SWTOR Use the Mother Machine
SWTOR Use the Mother Machine

SWTOR Use the Mother Machine

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must use the mother machine in order to reconstruct his body. The mother machine is an ancient Rataka construct on Belsavius invented by the Rataka to create new species. The sith inquisitor must use this property of the mother machine to reconstruct his body to counter the ailments of the force walking disease. To use the mother machine, the sith inquisitor must travel past the maximum security zone on Belsavius and also past the outer wastes area to arrive at the ancient Rataka fort area. In these areas, there are very limited binding and quick travel locations, so the sith inquisitor must be well prepared when venturing forth to use the mother machine.

SWTOR Strange Science and Ghosts in the Walls Quests

Before the sith inquisitor can undertake the Mother quest, he must finish the prison break quest, followed by the strange science quest and the ghosts in the walls quest. In the strange science quest obtained from Bolan, the sith inquisitor must subdue and reprogram three mechasecurity droids and then scan the rataka machine. This will then launch the Ghosts in the Walls quest, where Bolan will open the quarantine zone for the sith inquisitor by hacking through the security system. Within the quarantine zone, the sith inquisitor must defeat the quarantine zone droids to find a sith datapad. The sith datapad states the intentions of Darth Iratus to use the mother machine. The sith inquisitor must then use the nearby Rataka Machine. This will release the rataka guardian droids (about six in total) who will swarm in to attack the sith inquisitor. For maximum entertainment effects, the sith assassin should use Ashara Zavros who will simply force jump from one rataka guardian droid to another and finish them quite efficiently. Finally, the rataka warden Gorshaa will appear to speak to the sith inquisitor and inform him of the location of the Vault of the Machine. To use the mother machine, the sith inquisitor must give up a genetic imprint of himself. It is likely that this will have serious consequences in the future.......

SWTOR Find the Vault of the Machine and Speak to Ashaa

For now though, the sith inquisitor must shoulder on to find the vault of the machine, where the mother machine lies. The path to the mother machine is long indeed. The sith inquisitor should follow the solid yellow path on the map north until the remote imperial outpost is found. Then head west generally and a bit north and the sith inquisitor will find the entrance to the vault of the machine. The mother machine lies not far off from the entrance of the vault of the machine, but there are five droids guarding the path to the mother machine. One of the droids is a patrolling primeval annihilator droid. Wait for this droid to walk away and then hit one of the remaining droids with a mind trap for the sith assassin. Next, finish off the other droids with the companion Ashara Zavros. Finish this battle before the primeval annihilator droid returns. Then sneak off to one corner and heal up. Return to take care of the primeval annihilator droid and get to the mother machine.

Speak to the mother machine and a holotelecast of the avatar of the mother machine called Ashaa will appear. Ask the mother machine for a reconstruction of the sith inquisitor, and the mother machine will instruct the sith inquisitor to release her. Agree to do this for some dark side points. The sith inquisitor must now disable the rataka security devices in the three corners of the vault of the machine. Two of the three devices are easy. Simply sneak through the ranks of droids and defeat those guarding the devices and then deactivate the devices ........ with force lightning. The remaining device is guarded by a gold level mob. Sneak past this mob and deactivate the devices. With each deactivation of the devices come the emergence of four rataka droids. When in the vicinity of the gold level mob, be careful not to aggravate this mob; otherwise the fight will be almost impossible to win at the recommended level.

With all three security devices deactivated, return to Ashaa and be reconstructed physically. The sith inquisitor is now healed of the physical ailments of the forcewalking disease. Return to the ship Fury's airlock to be rewarded.


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