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SWTOR Vision and Visionaries

Updated on December 22, 2012

SWTOR Vision and Visionaries

SWTOR Vision and Visionaries - Defeating Darth Zash's Illusion
SWTOR Vision and Visionaries - Defeating Darth Zash's Illusion

SWTOR Vision and Visionaries

In SWTOR, the vision and visionaries quest is a sith inquisitor class quest on the planet Voss. The sith inquisitor must learn the dreamwalking technique from the Voss in order to heal his mind, which has been fractured by the force walk technique and binding too many ghosts to him. To learn the dreamwalk, the sith inquisitor must undertake a ritual which will pit him against his old foes in a dreamscape. This will guide the sith assassin in using the right tactics to defeat these old enemies (or rather, the old enemies' illusions), especially Darth Zash's illusion and Darth Thanaton's illusion.

SWTOR Enter, Explore and Conquer the Dream

In SWTOR, the vision and visionaries quest is started by finding and talking to Athelis Kallis at Voss-Ka. Athelis Kallis asks the sith inquisitor to seek the mind healers' help at the mind healer's grove. The Voss mind healer asks the sith inquisitor to burn a special seed at the meditation censer. This will start the dream walk ritual, and the sith inquisitor must explore various parts of the dreamscape, and conquer the dream by defeating the walking nightmare aberrations and other monsters within the dream. At various points in the dream, the sith inquisitor must speak to old foes and then defeat old foes. These old foes include Nomar Organa and even Rylee Dray. However, the most difficult of foes to defeat are the two old enemies Darth Zash and Darth Thanaton.

SWTOR Defeating Darth Zash's Illusion

In SWTOR Vision and Visionaries quest, the sense of "here we go again" is inevitable, as Darth Zash's illusion materializes within the dream. Darth Zash's illusion can be defeated solo by the level 43 sith assassin. Simply use Talos Drelik as the companion. Now before taking on Darth Zash, clear the entrance into the dream cavern of the walking nightmares. This will allow more room to run when the sith assassin needs to allow more time for Talos Drelik to heal him, or allow more time for the various immobilization techniques (such as low slash and electrocute) to recharge. Otherwise, the fight is pretty straightforward this time compared to the last time. Do not allow Darth Zash's illusion to cast area lightning or other area effect spells. Use electrocute and jolt to stop her from deploying these abilities. Next whenever possible, use voltaic slash to repeatedly attack Darth Zash's illusions. Using these techniques and the correct timing, Darth Zash's illusion will be defeated.

SWTOR Defeating Darth Thanaton's Illusion

In SWTOR, Darth Thanaton's illusion is even more difficult to defeat compared to Darth Zash's illusion. For the sith inquisitor just wanting to move on to the next level, simply bring a friend along for this fight, and it will be quite simple indeed.

For those wanting to take on Darth Thanaton's illusion solo, it is recommended to go into the quest at level 44 or above. Maintain Talos Drelik as the companion. There are a few things to understand about the Darth Thanaton illusion fight. First, Darth Thanaton will unleash a dark bolt which will deal about 2000 plus damage. Reduce this damage by using deflect (or try running around the large rock formations within the dream). This means that the sith assassin and his companion has to clear the area of the walking nightmares first. Next, Darth Thanaton will unleash area lightning. When this is activated, steer clear of the area. For attacking Darth Thanaton's illusion, the abilities that immobilize (such as electrocute, low slash, jolt and overload) should be used first, followed by attack moves such as voltaic slash and other attack abilities. Always maintain the sith assassin's health above half, and use med paks if possible. Using these techniques, Darth Thanaton's illusion will be defeated, and the sith assassin can move on to healing his fractured mind.


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