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Solo Public Session in Grand Theft Auto Online

Updated on April 10, 2017

Greetings, fellow gamer

We all know just how hard it can be to earn money in Grand Theft Auto. Cars, houses, businesses, they're all way too expensive and involve a lot of grinding in missions, heists and/or races...or you can buy Shark Cards, for REAL, hard earned money. Then, there's always the risk that, while you're in a public session, there's a few gamers that only care about mayhem and wrecking your gaming session. If you are stealing cars or merchandise for your businesses, it can be really frustrating.

Those times are over!...or until Rockstar patches it...

As the title indicates, i will teach you a way for you to have a whole public session all for yourself:

- Create a race - Go to content creator and create a point-to-point race. It doesn't matter where it starts but i personally pay attention to where it ends, which i aim it to be close to my office, or warehouse, entrance. Minimum is 1 mile long. By ending in front of the workplace of choice, you can start...uhm...working as soon as your are put in a public session, all by yourself.

- Create a playlist - Next you want to create, and name, a playlist with only that one race you just created.

- Race - Start your playlist and complete the race. After the race ends you will see a voting screen. Vote and you will be given the choice to replay it. Choose replay.

- Start working all by yourself - After you click replay you will be taken to the race lobby, where you can set up the race and invite people to join. But on that lobby, back out. You will not be put in the session where you started the playlist from but on a public session all by yourself and on the spot where your race ended so all you need to do is head to your office or MC and start working!

Keep in mind that Rockstar will eventually populate that session after some time. Most players will take advantage of such an empty session to do exactly what you are doing, others...well, just don't care and will hunt's GTA after all...but all you need to do is play your playlist again!

Hoping it helps your gaming day, game on!

If you have any question, ask away in the comments box!

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