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Take Along Toys - The Best Baby Gift

Updated on October 24, 2014

Made for Babies On The Go

When I had my first child we would take drives with him and soon became very aware that he would get fussy at every stop. It wasn't until I realized that he needed a toy to keep him busy that going on drives with him in the car got better, which wasn't for at least month. I went to the store and found an inexpensive take along toy. I would have paid ten times what I spent on that little toy if I would have known how peaceful it would make our rides from that point on! It was easy to clip on and off, so we put it on his carrier, on the stroller, and even used it on high chairs when he was big enough to sit in them because he couldn't throw it, which was a huge plus! This is a toy I wish I knew about when we first had our baby and often give as a gift for babies because it is a life saver!

Baby Smiling with Take Along Toy
Baby Smiling with Take Along Toy | Source

Why Do Babies and Parents Love Them?

Babies are intrigued by any senses they experience, as they are learning about the new world around them. Take along toys make different noises, have different textures and patterns, have parts that the baby can pull or chew on, possibly have a mirror to see themselves in, bright colors, etc. All of this helps them discover and learn while they play.

At first a baby's eyesight basically does not go further than arms distance, so it is nice for them to be able to have something close to keep them stimulated. On a car ride especially, there is not much for them to be able to see and that can get boring. Stimulating a baby's senses will also help them to develop physically and mentally.

Freddy the Firefly Toy

A Mom's Review; why her and her child love this take along toy.

* Firefly as Seen in the Video *

Creative Play with The Arch

More toys, sense stimulation, and fun! Attach this to a crib, bouncer, carrier, or stroller and the baby will have a blast! This video shows there is more than one way for a baby to play with a take along arch and demonstrates the durability of this product.


Even a Doctor Would Approve

While it is clear that babies and parents love take along toys, even medical experts will say that these toys are good for a baby's development. Babies are learning with every experience that they have and take along toys encourage discovery in texture, sound, and sight. They also help a baby with motor skills, as they learn to pull, tug, chew, and hold the toys. All around, it would seem these are one of the best toy purchases for a baby.


Never Without A Toy

It can be hard to entertain a baby, especially while driving. These toys are the perfect way to help a baby stay amused while being out and about. They are so simple to attach that the baby doesn't have to stop playing once you get out of the car, it can just go with them. Take along toys are also the perfect gifts, as a baby can never have too many take along toys!

Have You Given or Gotten Take Along Toys as a Baby Gift?

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      sojourner-1 4 years ago

      These are great toys to keep the little one busy.

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      sjenkins7 5 years ago

      Nice Page!!