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Temple Run Game For Android Free Download

Updated on February 18, 2013


The Temple Run game has been one of the most popular games on android. The game is a personal favorite with a good number of android users. The game is developed by a software company called Imangi and has been made available on the Google play store absolutely free. This is an addictive game which can be played over and over again. It is a fun game which can be played on any android device which carries the android 2.1 operating system and the subsequent versions of the android operating system.

Temple Run For Android

The Temple Run game for android is a game revolving around running away, jumping and dodging from monsters. The game is action filled and has very great graphics. The game has been made free through the model based on in-app purchases rather than the ad-based method often considered a bother by many people. The game is fun and the random generation of game action levels keeps the game player interested in playing more. The game is extremely addictive due to the new challenges and obstacles as well as the alternating player characters.

The theme of the Temple Run game is based on the android user playing as the bad guy and running for dear life. The bad guy will have has some money and is carrying a valuable artifact. The Temple Run game is a game of never ending running and movement fleeing from giant demon monkeys. Actions are achieved by tilting and swiping at the android smartphone or the android tablet. When running and playing the game, tilting the android device left or right changes direction to the respective action taken on the android device. Other actions include swiping which allows leaping over and passing under obstacles. Swipe up on the android device to jump and swipe down to pass under fallen trees and other obstacles.

Temple Run: Universal

The element of speed makes the game be filled with suspense making it very engaging. The challenge of the game is to get as far as you can and even further than you ever played before. Along the way, the player or character has to collect as much money and gems as he can since these come in handy to keep you longer in the game by allowing you to put off the inevitable. Eventually the game comes to an end via any of these options; making a mistake such as falling over a cliff, coming to a dead end, and in the hands of the giant monkeys snapping at your heels throughout the game. In the absence of any mistakes, the Temple Run game continues to generate indefinite levels for you to continue playing. You therefore can continue playing the game and in the process accumulate as many points as possible which can be shared with friends through social media.

The Temple Run game is additive as highlighted before and it in fact compares favorably to other very popular games out there on android such as the Angry Birds game. All an android user needs to do is to is to find the Temple Run game for android free download and proceed to download it from the Google Play store, the safest and secure choice. Install it on the android device and enjoy unparalleled fun whenever time allows.

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