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Terraria Tips - Overview, Tricks, Enemies, NPCs and More

Updated on September 19, 2014

Terraria Tips - Overview, Tricks, Enemies, NPCs and More

Follow these simple Terraria tips to improve your Terraria gameplay. Learn more about Terraria, the enemies you'll encounter, NPCs that you will befriend and more.

Terraria is a popular action adventure game that is often compared to Minecraft. In Terraria players can explore, build and fight various monsters and bosses. Terraria offers plenty of freedom allowing you to play the game how you want.

Just like other games in this genre Terraria combines many elements together which can make the game a daunting experience for newer players. Especially for those who have not played a similar game in this genre before.

Got your own Terraria tips? Share them in the comment section located at the bottom of the page.

Terraria Tips

What Is Terraria?

Terraria is a popular adventure game that combines RPG elements to create a great gaming experience that focuses on freedom, exploration, crafting, building and combat.. Terraria is commonly compared to Minecraft but the two games have many differences and have a different gameplay focus.

In Terraria players can explore, construct, craft and even participate in combat in this massive 2D randomly generated world. The game is best enjoyed with friends with plenty of PvE content in the randomised game worlds to enjoy.

Terraria is primarily available on the Steam gaming platform but also has collector's edition available. After release the game quickly rose to the Steam top selling list in its first week and is a constant favourite on the regular Steam sales with the game often available for only a few dollars.

Terraria - Official Website

Terraria On Steam

6 Basic Terraria Tips - Some Simple Tips and Tricks For Terraria

  1. All zombies are larger than 2 blocks, this means that players can place a block on the floor in front of a door and kill zombies easily.
  2. Monsters spawn randomly and can sometimes fall into holes that you dig, it is a good idea to place blocks above you from time to time while digging down.
  3. Be careful of adventuring into the Underworld without proper equipment.
  4. If you are falling from a large height you can use a hook or whip to reduce fall damage by firing it directly downwards.
  5. Learn how to use air-pockets effectively if you plan to explore water areas.
  6. You can use blocks and furniture to block doors.

Terraria Gameplay Trailer

Terraria Tips - Enemies and Bosses

Combat is central to the Terraria experience and as such players will encounter enemies everywhere in their randomly generated Terraria universe. From the weak slimes that are out during the day to the Zombies and Demon Eyes that come out at night there is always danger in Terraria which encourages players to always be well equipped or work together with friends.

The enemies that you encounter on your travels depends on the time of day, the area (biome) that you are in and how far underground you are which make adventuring deeper into the ground for better items a very risky but rewarding proposition.

Players must also watch out for the Blood Moons which occur occasionally (about a 1 in 9 chance) provided other requirements have been fulfilled. These Blood Moons mean more dangerous enemies, NPC changes, door breaking zombies and more.

Bosses also play an important role in the Terraria universe which can be found in the depths of the game world or even summoned by players. Defeating these bosses comes with many rewards making them very profitable and attractive.

Terraria Wiki - Enemies

Terraria Gameplay

Terraria Tips - NPCs

Non player characters (NPCs) is just one of the features in Terraria that set it apart from Minecraft. (which has less of a focus on offering NPCs within the game). The NPCs in Terraria offer a variety of services to the player in exchange for coins to help them on their adventure.

Players are required to unlock NPCs by completing certain requirements (acquiring a certain number of coins, defeating a certain boss, using a particular item) and providing a suitable home for the NPC to live in.

This is one of the areas that fans of Minecraft that come across to Terraria often miss out on the most and can severely hinder your game progress if not used correctly.

Terraria Wiki - NPC Overview

Do You Play Terraria? - Share Your Own Terraria Tips Below

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      captainepic325 3 years ago

      I LOOOOVE TERRARIA lots of bosses,materals,biomes,n much more

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      Looks like a game I'd enjoy.

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      I Really want to play terraria... I bought a copy from Game but the case didn't have an activation key :(