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Texas Hold em Strategy

Updated on May 11, 2014

The Strategies

There are many different ways to approach playing Texas hold em and I am not going to be able to tell you the BEST way but I will be able to give you some good starting areas.

The reason why I cannot give you the 'best poker hands' is down to a few things:

1 - Different people play differently and there is no way to know 100% what other player have.

2 - You need to understand that players must adapt to the way the game is being played and know how best to deal with all the different choices come your way while playing.

Rules to beat the rules

A rule which I trained myself to live by was:

1 - It is better to lose a win occasionally than to lose on a "win" a lot.

What this means is that you should play to lose the least amount of money rather than win the most amount of money. The logic is twisted, but sound, and with texas hold em the juxtaposing mantra of the game's meaning is a red herring.

A player chasing money is what gets the other player's pockets heavier and the chasers pockets lighter. The whole reason for playing texas hold em must be forgotten in order to be successful, that is why you will hear:

"Never play with money you cannot afford to lose"

That is because you will be desperate and make desperate money seeking plays.

Sometimes a player will take a chance, be that down to a "feeling", an instant "what the hell!" thought or the belief that losing would unfair and therefore, impossible. All these things are the tell tell signs of a novice play - Someone who is losing more than they are winning. (A great friend to any pro player!)

The idea that the Texas hold em hands hold all the chance is wrong, you do. The choices you make on the cards in your hand (or on the screen) are what will determine your future and fate.

Remember (and watch), no poker player will win with every hand, always.

It is also VERY normal to flop or drop the first two cards on a regular basis. Unless certain cards show up..

(Need to take a look at the texas hold em hands page again?)


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    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      Good basic tips here! thanks, I was looking for some of these!

    • pokermoneyclips profile image

      pokermoneyclips 6 years ago

      I couldn't agree with you more in terms of players who lose chips will be chasing and dumping for the rest of the night. Online you can watch grinders auto-rebuy each time they take any sort of loss, maintaining a constant balance of chips. This is partly psychological as they no longer have to look at a dwindled chip stack. At the same time they understand that having chips in play allows them to actually win pots or make certain moves to scare away those players who have already lost pots that night and are afraid of dropping any more big pots.