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Texas Hold em Hands

Updated on May 5, 2014

Welcome to the Hold 'em !

This is a Texas hold 'em hands page. My aim here is to put all the information, novices and beginners, intermediate and mid range players, will need to know, and put it all in ONE place for easy access.

Anyone can learn a little bit more about holdem whatever their level though.

Having the information on this page at your finger tips whilst playing THT, will see your success grow as you will have stats, hand knowledge, listings and strategies to put into play and you could come to understand your THT hands better while playing.

Once you weave this information into your own style of playing you will be able to just put yourself on autopilot and enjoy (winning) the game more.

As, I said, all the different information will be on its own page, all in one place. There will be no need to keep shuffling about, whatever information you are looking for on this game, you can find it here.

I made my own piece of paper when I first started playing poker and this piece of paper had all the information that this page has on it. This page looks A LOT better that the tatty piece of paper thought. I added all my ideas, ranking hands, thoughts and solid information to this piece of paper as I progressed through the levels of poker playing.

These days I am not doing too badly for myself and I thought I would share some of my tips and strategies before I wind my poker playing days down to just a hobby and not a career. The key to THT is understanding Texas hold em hands and their rankings. People can sometimes get confused as to why they lost a hand and not have anyone or anywhere to ask “Why?”

Texas Hold em Hands

Lets start at the start and look at all the hands within the game and look at their rankings and statistical chances of turning up. Once you have the statistics you will no longer have the pangs of, "what if!!?" when playing. You will be a cucumber, as in, "cool as a".

A Pair

a single pair
a single pair

This is just a single pair. Single pairs are the lowest hand you can get out of all texas hold em hands. The worst pair being two twos and the best being two aces.

People argue that the lowest hand is a single card. The chances of winning on a single card are so low that I have not bothered mentioning it - 99.9% of people will fold on a single card, even a single ace (the best single card "hand")

The lowest of the low, is a single seven (if you play a hand until the end. A single card below that is not possible) and if you only play the initial round, the lowest "hand", without communal cards, would be a three. Not really a texas hold em hand or a poker hand of any kind, a single card.

Two Pairs

two pairs
two pairs

This is when things can start to get a little bit tougher. Two twos and two threes (lowest two pair hand) are better that two aces here (highest single pair hand).

Two aces and Two kings is the highest two paired hand you can get.



Three of any of the cards. The higher the number the better the hand.

Three twos (lowest three of a kind hand) will beat two aces and two kings (the highest two pairs hand)



This when you have all your cards running in numerical order.

An ace can be the low, or the high card in this:

A - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 or T - J - Q - K - A

Never: K - A - 2 - 3 - 4 as the ace has to be at the start or the end of a hand.



This is when you have five cards matching the same suit but they do not follow any numerical order. This what a lot of players hold out for, they have four suited and are hoping for another same suited card to come up.

Full House

full house
full house

Three-of-a-kind and a pair is what this means. The card that there is more of (three-of-a-kind) will be "over" or "full" when using hand terminology:

"Tens over queens" or "tens full of queens"



Four of the same cards. Quite hard to get. If you get it.. raise!, raise!, raise!

(Even with twos!)

Straight Flush

straight flush
straight flush

A straight numerical collection of cards that have the same suit. Rare!

This is the best you can get with this one hand title: 8 - 9 - T - J - Q

(confused as to why you cannot go higher? see the next hand)

Royal Flush

royal flush
royal flush

This is the highest hand you can get in poker: T - J - Q - K - A

That was a collections of Texas hold em hands, in fact, that was all of the hand that are possible in the game. However, there are many variations and that randomness and chance is the essence of poker!

The second page of this guide will go into detail about chances, the best chances with certain hands and the best strategies. It would be good, if you are playing online poker now to open the second page as a separate window and play on a 'play' money table. Though these games are not like the cash tables (people play like they don't care) you can get the flow and method of playing down to an art and cement your own rules, or adapt or use the rules I use.

Go onto part two of your guide to get some Texas holdem strategies >>> texas hold em strategy


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    • NetBlots profile image

      NetBlots 6 years ago from Melbourne

      Definitely, it helps out a heap! =)


      Next time I play with my old school mates, I'll be a little more clued on when going all in!

    • AureliaMilani profile image

      AureliaMilani 6 years ago

      good combination of text with pictures, it's more understandable.