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The Adventure You Create Is What You Make of It.

Updated on February 19, 2018
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Hi my name is Jason. I've been playing games throughout my life and decided to start writing some articles about some of my favorites

The fundamentals of RPG'S and why so many people are avid players.

Now there are two different types of RPG games. There are RPG'S and MMORPG games. The only differences between the two are RPG's are usually single player and you cannot trade items or merchandise with other players. MMORPG games like World Of Warcraft for instance, have millions of players that you can trade items with to build up your reservoir of weapons, armor, trinkets and mounts. Most RPG games involve violence and no shortness of epic battles, and of course, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

For example, Skyrim is one of my personal favorites if you want to unleash some destruction onto the AI. The whole philosophy is to start from the bottom with very little amounts of practically anything. This entices you to start your own adventure through the land and eventually become the omnipotent hero that rules the land. For me, It resembles the medieval times with swordsmen and archers armed and ready for any intruding enemies.

I understand RPG'S are not for everybody but if your into blood and gore, heads being chopped off, and playing the role of the hero that saves the lands from the enemies, then MMORPG or RPG games might interest you.

The reason RPG games are so popular and have a such a substantial fan base is really because there is so many elements in the games, which makes finding a new goal or adventure easy to find. MMORPG games are even more popular because they give you the ability to play with other people, either as friendly characters, or as enemies that need to be abolished with no mercy.

I think another factor to the success of RPG games is the fact that you would never be allowed to do these things in real life in this day and age( nor should you want too). They provide endless hours of grinding, making new friends, and causing complete mayhem throughout the virtual land.

Land Of Warriors

RPG One Time Payment VS MMORPG Monthly Recurring

Now one thing I would like to mention is RPG'S you only need to pay once (unless the developers come out with more expansions)and MMORPG games have recurring membership fees that are associated with an abundance of member features. These features could include anything from new weapons, armor, or new found lands to be discovered.

Skyrim Special Edition

When you first start off in Skyrim Special Edition you are a prisoner sentenced to the death penalty. You eventually become free from imprisonment and get to explore the gargantuan world known as Skyrim. Some people are your allies and some not so much. You will need to gather materials to craft weapons, food, armor and many any things.

There are different races and classes that you may choose, which have different attributes to them. For instance, you could be a nord. Nords have skills involving warrior type assault and have resistance to cold. Say you wanted to be a mage and use magic, you would want to pick a race that has attributes to magika(which is what spells use) or any other attribute that you think would help. you pick these classes at the beginning of the game so make sure you know what kind of character you would like to be.

Winner of 200 Game Of The Year Awards

Skyrim is undoubtedly a very successful game, with over 200 awards. I would recommend it to anyone who would like creating their own warrior, mage, or a hybrid character. It's such a fantastic game with brilliantly created weapons and armour. you could spend endless hours fighting battles and of course killing dragons.

World Of Warcraft Legion

World of warcraft is one of the most successful MMORPG'S in the gaming world, and for good reason. It has an endless amount of quests to tackle with your specially created character. Just like Skyrim it has different classes that have attributes. You would have to choose which class you want to play, then find some friends who might be able to help you level up( because yes it is an MMORPG with tons of players on at any giving moment).

The game also feature multiplayer raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds where teamwork is the key to success, and of course tons of juicy loot. You first start off in the beginning areas depending on which class you picked. Once you level up more you can wander the lands in search of higher level monsters to kill.

Now another great feature about WOW(World of Warcraft) is that you can pay for membership in two different ways. One way is through real money that you have in real life, or you can use gold that you have accumulated during your fascinating journeys through the lands of WOW.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes competition and a fantasy based playing style of game. Another great thing that I found intriguing was that you can train your character up to level 20 for free! With hundreds of hours of game play to be played, and lots of online people to do it with, This game really hit the mark for me.

Activision World of Warcraft Legion PC - Standard Edition

World Of Warcraft: Legion Review "Is It Worth Playing?"


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