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The Best College Drinking Games, What Your Man Wants For His Man Cave

Updated on December 4, 2014

Drinking Games For 21 Year Olds And Older

I went to college in the 80's and so did my husband. I was a Sigma Theta Chi Sister and my Husband is an Alpha Delta Omega Brother. College was a lot of fun especially the weekend parties.

In the 80's there wasn't as many choices when it came to games. The biggest and most popular game was "Quarters". The rules were simple. We split into teams. Sometimes it was 2 teams or 3 teams. It depended how many people were playing. The object was to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. If you made it into the glass your opponent had to drink a shot. Normally it was a mixed drink and doing a few shots was not going to get your trashed.

We had a lot of really good players. A double bounce got your opponent two shots.

Today there are much more choices of entertainment, but each one just as fun as Quarters. I am going to review some of the most popular ones available. These games would make a fantastic gift for the father in your life and their Man Cave.

These games are intended for people 21 years old or older.

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Rule 1: Assign A Designated Driver - Don't Drink And Drive

Drinking and driving is one of the most serious crimes in the nation and not only can you kill yourself or someone else your DUI record will follow you on all background checks for future employment. Your driving record will no longer be a secret and can cost you your current job.

It is also a crime punishable by jail time and high financial fines. If your going to drink, drink responsibly and this means one person agrees to be the driver and they don't drink. Take turns with your friends being that person. Don't take the chance to ruin the rest of your life.

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Checkers - Our Home Bar

Jump your opponent and they take a shot. If you King someone they take two. If you are playing this game drop your keys at the door or plan on staying. I love this game as I use the board on my bar place drinks on when nobody is playing. It's large and really high quality. It gives the bar top some reflection too.

This game can be played in teams, but normally checkers is one on one.

Shoot, score and do a shot

Crystal Clear Shot Glass Basketball Bar Game Set
Crystal Clear Shot Glass Basketball Bar Game Set

This is an adorable little basket ball set that can be played while sitting at your bar. Get a basket and your opponent does a shot.


Drunken Tower

These are some serious Drunken Tower players. Even the table spins.

Drunken Tower

Trying to keep the tower from knocking over but you must pull out the pieces. Each piece has a command. It can say "Take a shot" or it can be a truth and dare.

ICUP iPartyHard -  Drunken Tower: The Grab A Piece Adult Drinking Game
ICUP iPartyHard - Drunken Tower: The Grab A Piece Adult Drinking Game

Reviews say this is a little bit smaller than the original Jenga game and some of the commands are repetitive. All in all it's a lot of fun, but some people write on the blocks to increase the variety of commands.


This is not how you play Drunken Darts

I don't recommend this. I barely recommend you watching it. Ok, watch it, but cover your eyes. You can peek a little.


This is a traditional dart board with a twist. The board has commands. The quality of the game is very good. It is also helpful to know the traditional game of dart rules as the game doesn't explain it well.

Each person takes turns shooting. You are either red or black and you need to hit each square 3 times. As you hit the square you mark it off on a score board. Instead of building up points you obey the command such as a full shot or a half shot. It may say for you to drink or your buddy drinks.

Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set
Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set

The game comes with shot glasses, board and darts.


Spin The Shot

You played Spin The Bottle for a kiss, but now it's Spin The Shot. If It lands on you, you drink.

How To Play Beer Pong

This guy is funny. I love his series.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the most popular drinking game out now. The rules are similar to Quarters, but you use ping pong balls and a professional pong table. It is a great game for teams or one on one. If you do not own a professional table a portable plastic table makes an acceptable substitute. The object is to have fun. Rules are meant to be broken and after all nobody is going to remember in the morning.

Designate a driver or stay put.

Once you get a ball in the cup your opponent drinks. The object is to clear your cups.


Do you remember Battle Ships when you were young. "You sunk my Battleship?". Now there is Battleshots, a game bassed on the Battle ship game. Hide behind the screen, play in teams or one on one. When your opponent makes a hit to your ship, you drink the shot.


The game comes with 16 shot glasses and privacy screen. Dry eraser marker included for score board.


How To Play Battle Shots

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    • pbrandon65 profile image

      pbrandon65 4 years ago

      Really good lens. Took me back to my college days and someof the games we used to play.