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The Best Electric Ride-On Toys For Kids

Updated on March 1, 2012

If you have the space to accommodate it, then a car that they really can drive themselves is sure to be a hit with young kids. For any child, getting their hands on the 'real thing' is both exciting and alluring. Electric cars have become ever more popular over recent years, and now there is an enormous range available for children from as young as 12 months upwards. Not only that, but there is a price to suit everyone's budget. And if you think this sort of gift always come with a hefty price tag, then you couldn't be more wrong. Below is a list of some of the most popular electric ride-on cars, which have received some great reviews:

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is a fantastic electric car for children from aged 3 to around 7 years. This car has received some excellent reviews (4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon) - it can accommodate up to two children at any one time. There are two speeds to choose from - 2.5mph for younger children and beginners, and 5.0mph for older and more confident children. It can reverse at a speed of 2.5mph. This car will provide your children with lots of fun - they are sure to be the envy of all their friends! There is a rear storage compartment for taking along their favorite things, pretend seatbelts and grab bars for ease getting in and out. The jeep is suitable for various surfaces such as grass, pavement and gravel, and has large tires and powerlock brakes. Included is a rechargeable 12 volt battery, plus charger.

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX with Monster Traction

The Power Wheels Kawasaki is a fantastic ride-on toy for young children. It is perfect for exciting adventures outdoors, and is suitable for children from age 3 up to a maximum weight of 29.5kgs. This is a single rider vehicle, and has two speeds - 2.5mph for younger riders and beginners, and a faster 5.0mph for older children who have mastered the driving. It will also operate in reverse. The Kawasaki has high-speed lock-out for beginners, and a power lock brake system.

The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX works on varying terrains - with its Monster Traction it can handle grass, gravel, mud and rough spots. It is worth noting that rubber bands can be purchased online to assist with traction, should the need arise. A 12 volts rechargeable battery and charger are included.

Power Wheels Lil' Quad

This is a quad bike for the younger kids - ages 1 - 3 years. Because the seat is low, it is easy for small children to get on and off without assistance. Footrests also ensure a comfortable ride. On the back is a storage rack so that your child can take along whatever he needs for imaginative adventures - toddlers love carrying things around with them.

The Lil' Quad has a maximum speed of 2.0mph and is easy to operate. It comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery and battery charger. The Lil' Quad is ideal for either grass or pavement - little ones love it!

The Power Wheels Barbie Lil' Quad is for the girls (pictured bottom right).

Kid Trax 1960s Mercedes 300SL

This is a beautiful car - a replica of a 1960s Mercedes Benz. Any child with this car will certainly be riding in style! Not only is the ride-on Mercedes great to look at, it has some fantastic features which the kids will love. The real, working FM radio is sure to be a hit, as are the working headlights. There is a horn as well, plus seatbelts, a rearview mirror and a left side mirror. The front hood pops up too. With such attention to detail, your children can have amazing, realistic adventures and role play games.

The Kid Trax Mercedes has two speeds in forwards motion - 2.5mph for beginners and a top speed of 5.0mph. It has a reverse speed of 2.5mph. Another good feature is the rubber traction grips which are fixed to all four tires. This car is suitable for children from around 3 years plus.

Power Wheels Ford Mustang

The Power Wheels Ford Mustang is a great, stylish electric car with sporty chrome wheels and a realistic design. It can accommodate two children at once. It has some good features, such as a pretend radio, plus a key which activates engine sounds. The seats are adjustable and the car includes interior cup holders. This car is suitable for children from 3 years up to 30kgs, and is designed for use on hard surfaces as well as grass. There are two speeds in forward motion - 2.5mph for beginners, plus a top speed of 5.0mph. The car includes a 12 volt rechargeable battery, plus charger.

This car has received some great feedback, although it has been suggested by some people that it works best when fitted with additional traction on the tires.

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw is a fantastic, electric ride-on. Reviewers on have awarded it top ratings. This quad is sporty and stylish - ideal for exciting adventures in the great outdoors (or the back yard). Suitable for children from 3 - 7 years (with a maximum weight of 85lbs), the Polaris Outlaw will work on pavement, grass, gravel, dirt and it will even go up hills. Unlike many other products, this toy is also made in the USA.

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw has two forward speeds - 2.5mph for beginners and younger children, and 5.0mph for the more advanced. It will also travel in reverse, at a speed of 2.5mph. It has a multi-position accelerator, and also a passenger seat for carting friends and siblings around. The Polaris Outlaw comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery, plus charger.


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