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The best gear for the paintball mid-player

Updated on October 18, 2014

What Does the Paintball Mid-Player Do?

The game of paintball offers several different positions you can play on the field. Each position has different functions but all come together, relying on each other to complete their objective and win the game. The positions played during a paintball game include the Frontman, Mid-players (or Floaters), Sniper and Backman. While each position has different roles, they're paintball gear will also vary depending on what their position requires. This article will focus on the Mid Player's role and the best paintball gear for this position.

U.S. Army Project Salvo
U.S. Army Project Salvo

Gear For the Paintball Mid-Player

The best paintball guns and equipment for the Floater position

The Mid player, also called the Floater, Roamer or Middleman stays behind the Frontman on the field. His main job is to provide cover for the frontman and is there to become his backup in case he gets hit. The Mid-player is also the backup player for the other positions as well; this is why he’s also called the Floater – he may float around the field to cover other spots when needed. Because the Floater must be able to take over any position on the field, his paintball equipment must be responsive for whichever position he’s called. This means he should have a paintball gun and gear that will work as the Frontman, Back Players or even Sniper.

The Mid-player may be needed at different ends of the field in a moment’s notice, so he should be in shape and ready to move. This also means he should carry a paintball gun that’s light and easy to move and run with; this goes for the rest of his gear as well. The Floater/midman will also need a paintball marker that can shoot accurately from a distance in case he has to take over the Backman or Sniper positions.

An excellent paintball marker for this position is the U.S. Army Project Salvo outfitted with a Tippmann Flatline Barrel and electronic trigger. The Project Salvo is lightweight, reliable, accurate and easy to use. This .68 caliber marker features a folding buttstock that can transform your weapon into a compact sub machine gun in an instant. Shortening your gun will make it easier to wield and run with in case you’re called to the Frontman position. Snap open the stock again for steadier aiming from the backfield or sniper position.

The electronic trigger offers 3 firing modes; semi-auto, 3 round burst and fully automatic. The semi-auto mode is best used for more accurate firing situations, like the Backman or sniper positions. Three round burst is very helpful when providing a regular barrage of cover fire. You never know when you’re going to need a fully automatic weapon but it comes in handy frequently on the paintball field. When needed in a pinch, full auto firing can be the difference that keeps you alive in the game. It’s also a nice option to have the 3 different firing modes on the same trigger with just a flick of a switch; use what you need when you need it!

The Tippmann Flatline barrel will make the greatest difference in your paintball gun’s performance as a Mid-player. The barrel itself is only 10 inches long, keeping your marker small and still easy to move with (as a Frontman) or for quick transitions into other positions and better vantage points. Despite it’s small size, the Flatline barrel packs a punch! This barrel will greatly improve your shooting abilities, allowing for a longer, straighter, more accurate shot. The Flatline is perfect for use in the back field and especially the sniper; it’s the only barrel that guarantees it will add 100 feet to your shot.

Considering the Mid-player may have to take on the Back field or sniper position, it’s also smart to have a moderate to low range scope or red dot sight mounted to your paintball marker. Decide on the power of scope you use based on the size of the field you’ll be playing on; if it’s small enough, a simple Red Dot scope or sight work great. Most Red Dot scopes and sights have a fairly large viewing area and are great for quick, easy targeting; especially when you’re on the move or don’t have much time to home in on your opponent.

Since the Floater may have to take on other player’s spots, he will want to carry as much ammo as possible. Remember, his other job is to provide cover for the Frontman. If the Mid-player must take over for either the sniper or back player, he will need to have sufficient ammo as these players (and yourself) do the most shooting in the game. As the Floater position, consider carrying your paintballs in pods carried by a paintball harness or tactical vest. These accessories also often have a pouch that holds an extra air tank for your gun as well.

It’s a fine line however – carrying enough gear to be useful and cover your position (and everyone else’s as the Midman) and carrying too much gear causing you to be too weighed down. One way of lightening up your load is to use a remote line on your paintball gun. This will free up the gun and allow you to carry the air tank on your back (on a tactical vest or pod harness). Removing the cumbersome air tank from your gun will make it much lighter, allowing you to handle possibly larger weapons or with longer barrels.

Overall, there are many paintball guns that work well for the Mid-player position. A gun with a retractable buttstock is excellent for making it smaller in case you become the Frontman. Make sure your marker can shoot accurately and for distance in case you have to take over the back field or sniper position. Finally, carry plenty of ammo so you can continue to provide cover for all positions when necessary. Find a great selection at excellent prices on a wide variety of paintball guns and gear for the Floater/Mid-player at

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