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The Best Games for iPod, iPad, and iPhone!

Updated on September 28, 2011

These are the best iPod, iPhone, and iPad (Android too!) apps available now!

Looking for a great game for your smartphone? Try some of these great gaming apps! Most of them are only a dollar! The best thing about mobile gaming is that the games are constantly being updated! updates add new levels, bug fixes, new items, etc. All of these are available on the Apple App Store, and most are available on the Android Marketplace. I have all of these and almost all are compatible with GameCenter or Openfient. Also, most of these have been featured as The App Store's app of the week.

Angry Birds!

The #1 paid app of all time

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out some revenge on the green piggies that stole the Angry Birds eggs! Each bird has its own special power to destroy the pigs' castles! Red birds, your regular ammo. Yellow Birds, speed up when you touch the screen. Blue birds, split into three birds. Black birds, explosive. White birds, can drop explosive eggs. And Big Brother Birds, can smash through a ton of block without slowing down. There are two other Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons, where each world is a different holiday, and Angry Birds Rio, featuring characters from the movie, Rio. All three games have had numerous updates, with more on the way. The physics based game play is good for anyone who has time on their hands! Angry Birds is available for .99 cents to 4.99 for the HD version on Mac, PC, all Apple mobile devices, on Google Chrome, Android, and pretty much everything with a touch screen! (There is also a free version with some of the levels from the game.) The app developer, Chillingo, makes other fun games for iPod's!

Angry Birds Trailer! - (There are more than five birds now)

Angry Birds Stuff on Amazon!

Angry Birds Classic
Angry Birds Classic

Get it now! (There is also a free ad-supported version)


Cut The Rope!

A very popular game!

In Cut The Rope, you must get the candy to the main character, Om Nom, by cutting a series of of ropes and solving puzzles to feed him candy! Want a good puzzler? Get Cut The Rope! It's a physics based game with 8 different boxes (packs of levels) with more on the way! The boxes include: Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Gift Box, Cosmic Box, Valentine Box, Magic Box, and Toy Box! Each box has their own obstacles and things that can help you, like trampolines, magic hats, gravity switchers, and more! There are also hidden drawings you can find that are hidden in some levels. This game has a lot of good reviews and I very much enjoyed it and would recommend it! This game is also made by Chillingo and another company, Zeptolab. (There has also been a sequel, Cut The Rope Experiments, which is just as good.) It is .99 cents for iPhone, iPod and Android and 1.99 for the HD version for iPad and other tablets.

Cut The Rope Trailer!

Get your Cut The Rope Merchandise Now!

Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope

Get it for Android!


Fruit Ninja

Want to kill some fruit?

You are a ninja who hates fruit! Slice all the fruit that pops up, but not the bombs! This is a great boredom go-to game! The game play is great and the graphics are good too! You slice the fruit that pops up with your finger to get points, but if you hit a bomb, game over! There are different types of fruit and different game modes to play. There are two special fruits too! The pomegranate pops up at the end of the round and can be sliced consecutively for more points! The secret fruit, the dragon fruit, gives you 50 points! You can get combos that double your score and critical's that give you 10 extra points! There is a zen mode where no bombs pop up, but you have a limited amount of time. The classic mode is the original. Bombs, fruit, three strikes. If you let three pieces of fruit drop, game over! This is the most challenging mode. And lastly, there is arcade mode, in which are power ups like the freeze banana that slows all the fruit on the screen! Bombs take away ten of your points in this mode, instead of ending the game. Arcade is probably my favorite mode, because of the power-ups! There also is a dojo where you can purchase new blades and backgrounds. This game is put out by Halfbrick, Which makes a few fun games. Fruit Ninja is available on Android, The App Store, and Xbox Live.

Fruit Ninja Trailer!

Get Fruit Ninja now!

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja

Get it for Android!


Tiny Wings!

It was number 1 for a while!

You are a small bird who has always dreamed of flying, but your wings are too tiny...luckily this world is full of hills! The game Tiny Wings is totally original. The gameplay is fun and addicting, and it can be hard to put down! The music is good too. You play as a small, flightless bird who runs away from the night. To do so, you must slide on the hills on the many islands you come across. If the night catches up with you, then you lose! So, you must slide down the hills while holding your finger on the screen, and let go when you go up to gain altitude. The one-touch gameplay makes playing this game easy and the missions and nest level-ups provide replay value. You come across many abstract islands that change everyday, collect coins, get speed power-ups and jump from island to island! There are objectives that you must complete to get a nest level-up! The game itself is fun and only .99 cents. (The app developer is Andreas Illinger and the game is available on The App Store and also for android.)

Tiny Wings Trailer!

Get a plush Tiny Wings bird!

Doodle Jump!

One of the App Store's bestsellers!

The game Doodle Jump is not only fun, but its addicting! The concept, graphics and art are great! The gameplay is simple, using tilt controls. You play as Doodler, who you guide though a never-ending sheet of paper! Just like Pac-Man, if you go off one side you come back on the other! On your way up, you must avoid black holes, evil aliens, and UFO's. There are different types of platforms to jump on, like blue moving platforms, white disappearing platforms, yellow exploding platforms, and red broken trick platforms. You can kill aliens and UFO's by shooting lazers at them. There are three power-ups, the jetpack, the spring shoes, and the helicopter hat. There are also springs and trampolines you can jump on for a height boost! There are also different game modes, like Christmas, Easter, The World Cup, underwater, space, and more! you can also change your name at the high scores to Ooga or Hop. Hop you will play as the main character from the movie, Hop. Type in Ooga, Booga, Kilk, Klak, Nooby, or Dooby and you will play as a Pygmy from Pocket God. It is available for iPod and iPhone, iPad, and Android. Doodle Jump's developer is Lima Sky in part with Gamehouse.

Doodle Jump Trailer!

Spy Mouse!

Former game of the week!

Its Spy Mouse! In this game you play as a stealthy mouse who is trying to loot all the houses of cheese! You have to avoid cat guards and escape with the cheese! There are power-ups like the chili pepper, which makes you run faster, and the flowerpot, that lets you sneak past cats! The gameplay is fairly easy. You draw a line to guide the mouse through the maze, while avoiding mousetraps and cats. There are six different worlds, each with their own environment and guards. For example, the Japanese world has ninja cats that throw ninja stars. To add to this, there are six different bosses to fight. Eventually, you get to the final boss, who is pretty hard! The levels start out easy, then get very challenging! You can see your other friends who own the game through a special option. There are tons of levels in this game and its replay value is brought in by there being ribbons you can earn in each level, like you get one for not being spotted. This game does not support game center, which is kind of a con. The app was number 1 for a while on The App Store and is pretty good. It is put out by EA games in association with Firemint games. (EA is awesome, and Firemint put out Flight Control.) It is for iPod, iPad and iPhone for .99 cents.

Spy Mouse Trailer!

Jetpack Joyride!

From the creators of Fruit Ninja comes an all-new adventure! Play as Barry Steakfries, Halfbricks's protagonist from Monster Dash and Age of Zombies! You burst through the wall of a secret lab and steal an amazing invention, a mini-gun jetpack! The one touch gameplay is easy for all ages and is good for beginners. You have to fly through various obstacles, like zappers, missiles, and lazers! You collect coins in each run that you can use to purchase new jetpacks and outfits in The Stash. There are various vehicles you can get, like the teleporter and a mech that stomps along the ground. Also, there is the Gravity Suit from the popular Miniclip game, Gravity Guy! There are various missions to complete like collect 100 coins in a game and other challenging tasks! They get harder and harder as your level gets higher and higher! There are crossovers from Fruit Ninja and gamers like Fragger. There are GameCenter achievements also. The app is made by Halfbrick and is available for .99 cents and is universal for iPhone and iPad. (Android too!)

Jetpack Joyride Trailer!

Plants Vs. Zombies!

The game Plants Vs. Zombies is a comedic tower defense game where your house is being barraged by brain-hungry zombies. Your only weapon: plants. But not just any plants. Plants that shoot peas and explode and blow up zombies. that's what kind of plants. The gameplay is fun and easy, you have to pick up sunlight to plant defensive plants, or plants that give you items, like the Sunflower or the Marigold. There are different kings of zombies to combat each with their own abilities! There are plants that shoot frozen peas, plants that act as walls, and plants that blow up! if the zombies get too close to your plants, the'll eat them! If they get past your plants altogether, there is a line of lawn mowers that can tear a whole line of zombies to shreds! But if they get past when the lawn mower's gone, they eat your brains! Beat waves of zombies on the roof, in the pool, at night, in the fog, and through mini-games like Wal-nut bowling! Eventually you get up to the final boss and if you beat him you get to watch a special music video and unlock zen garden. You can collect coins throughout the levels to buy things in Crazy Dave's shop. Who's Crazy Dave? He's your neighbor in the game, and once you find the keys to his car, you can purchase new upgrades, minigames, and plants, also things for your zen garden! You also have to find his bacon strip and taco, after which more items will be available in the shop. There is also a zen garden where you collect every kind of plant in the game, which is over 40! You can unlock and play various mini-games, and after you beat adventure, unlock play now mode, where you play any level in the game! There are a lot of game center achievements, which is a pretty good thing. The game is put out by Popcap, the makers of Bejewled 2. This game was originally PC only, but 2.99 on the App Store beats 19.99 on!

Plants Vs. Zombies Trailer!

Get it for Android! - (Or something else.)

Plants Vs. Zombies - Nintendo DS
Plants Vs. Zombies - Nintendo DS

Get it for DS! (Will work on 3DS.)

Plants Vs. Zombies
Plants Vs. Zombies

Get it on on Xbox Live!

Plants vs Zombies
Plants vs Zombies

Original classic PC game!


Where's My Water?

#1 app right now!

Where's my water is the newest and best game from Disney Mobile! Meet Swampy, the main character from Where's My Water?! Swampy is an alligator who likes to keep clean, but all the other alligators in the sewer have sabotaged his water supply! You must dig through the dirt and use different mechanisms to get the water to his tub! The gameplay is similar to Feed Me Oil in some ways, but is completely different in others! You use your finger to dig through the dirt, guiding the water and avoiding green goo and poisoned water, or use them to your advantage! You have to get the water down Swampy's pipe so that he can take a shower. If you let poisoned water or goo through, you lose! There are three level packs, with more on the way, each with 20 levels! You can collect hidden items, six in each level pack, to unlock bonus levels! The soundtrack for this game is good too, and the HD retina graphics look great on either iPhone or iPad! The app was (and is) developed by Disney Mobile, The creators of Jellycar! This app is available on the App Store for .99. Supports GameCenter.

Where's My Water? Trailer!

Pocket God!

#1 in entertainment on the app store

Pocket God is a interactive world full of surprises! There is a race called pygmies that live on an archipelago somewhere in the pacific, and you are their god! Pick them up, spin em' around, throw them in the volcano, the possibilities are pretty much endless! There are several islands to explore, and each has their own interactive environment! Including bosses, sharks, killer ants, tidal waves, vampires, zombies, and more! Face the T-rex, Ice Monster, and Barking Spider! There are several mini-games for you to play, and crossovers like Ooga Jump (crossover from Doodle Jump) and Moron Pests (crossover from The Moron Test) and Shark Bait (crossover from Harbor Master or Flight Control). In the latest update, you can use god statutes to battle your friends! There have been 40 updates so far, plus BoltCreative is still adding more! You can also purchase new skin packs through an in-app purchase, so you can customize your world! There has also been an iPad version, Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, and a comic series that are available in comic stores and as an app. The app is available for .99 for iPhone and Android.

Pocket God: episode 40 Battle of The Gods! - (There are many other episodes!)

Bejeweled 2+Blitz!

Honorable mention

Bejeweled is on of the most popular games on the App Store! Match the gems in rows of threes or fours, and earn tons of points! Get powerups and specials to blast away tons more gems! There is a challenge mode where you can level up depending on how much points you have, an endless mode where you collect the most points possible, and Bejeweled Blitz, the popular Facebook game now on your phone! It can link with Facebook to share scores to your friends! The music is pretty good and the gameplay is great! It is one of the most popular puzzle games available, and for only .99, its worth getting! The app's developer is Popcap, the makers of Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies!

Get Bejeweled now!

Wait, you'll need something to play these on!

I've had an iPod Touch 4G for a while, and I love it! The overall design is great and it has a camera, unlike the 3G. You can download new music straight from iTunes and new apps straight from the app store! The iPod app lets you take your music on the go and it includes earphones! The retina display looks great and the 32 gigs of memory will hold pretty much anything, from pictures, to movies, to apps, to music! It comes with Apple's browser Safari, which is fast and easy to use! There is a YouTube app that lets you upload videos straight from your iPod to YouTube, or just watch your favorite YouTube-rs! because of the two cameras, you can use Facetime and Skype. It is similar to the iPhone other than it can't make phone calls or text. There are free apps for Twitter and Facebook, if you like social networking. and to sum it all up, its awesome. If you don't have one, get one. Its available in 8gb, 32gb, and 64gb.

Which is your favorite? - Or which one do you want!

Which one?

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So what do you think? - Are there any other apps I should review?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Appreciate the hard work you've done here to show off some great apps!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, I would like to add an application that I really liked its name is Rock & Boulder, it has very good graphics, great music and the best is that it allows to use all ten fingers to play!!

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      Blessed on Groundhog day.

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      I want an iphone!


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