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The Buchannon Legacy Chapter Five

Updated on April 24, 2015

Welcome Back to the Buchannon Legacy Challenge!

Hey hey Simmers and Sims fans! This is the fifth chapter of my Buchannon Legacy Challenge, which means that it's the fifth (sim) day of the challenge. I'm writing the McCann Legacy Challenge a little bit differently (by not doing a chapter per day, which is starting to feel just a bit ridiculous, especially if my sims live long lives!). I'm curious as to which you prefer, though I think I'll keep doing the Buchannons the same way that I have been.

Anyway, I'm about to change the way that I'm writing these chapters. I want them to be conversational, and I don't want to be pushing myself to form a literary style because this is a video game and not great literature.

If you haven't been keeping up to date with the Buchannon's story, you can start out with the Introductory Post and follow the links at the bottom of each page to make your way through the legacy story!

Ishmael says that the pregnancy suits me and that my growing belly only makes me more attractive to him. I guess he's eager to have a family of his own and so he finds it attractive. Honestly, I just feel like a whale, and I can't wait to have this pregnancy over. People have started to comment at work. Harmony's been polite, but I know she's wondering when I'll pop.

I woke up bright and early to make breakfast for Ishmael and myself. I'm trying to work out some new recipes and I decided to prepare us some bacon and eggs.

Ishmael was already up early working on his painting, so I perched on the edge of the bed to eat my plate of bacon and eggs. I'm sorry to say that we still don't have a proper table to eat at. It won't be long though before we have one though, so I'm going to keep working as hard as I can to make that happen.

My back hurts so badly these days! I don't know how I'm going to get through another day of work in this condition. It's going to be a rough day at work, but I'm determined to stick it out. Ishmael and I need the money to build a house, and I can't see fit to sitting on my rear end all day when there's money to be made at the Science Center.

I would so very much appreciate it if he got a job as well, of course. He says that he wants to be a writer, and that's his life goal, but he's taking his sweet time to make that happen.

I'm sorry. I'm just being irritable. Hormones, and all that.

I was exhausted before work even started. The routine isn't doing so well for us, I guess. Bed called me, and so I took a last little sleep before it was time to head off to the job for the day. I'd be going in tired, but what else could I do? We did need the money.

Because it seems to be the way that my life is going to go, my boss asked me to collect ten collectibles today. I'm not sure what was going through her mind when she asked me to do this, because not only am I already completely exhausted, but this means that I have to run from one side of the neighborhood to the other. You might not have noticed, but I'm not running anywhere these days.

I only managed to get seven collectibles before I had to head back inside to tinker with the coffee machine.

I'm not sure exactly what "tinkering" is except that it makes me worried that I'm going to break something important. At least the coffee machine isn't the most important piece of equipment that we have at work, or I'd be really frightened of ruining something.

It all turned out fine in the end though. No harm done, either to me or to the machine!

Harmony took some time to explain to me what "tinkering" is all about. Apparently its purpose is to familiarize ourselves with the inner workings of machines, so that we can better invent improvements to those machines. I don't understand.

She's always so helpful. I like Harmony, and I'm considering making her the baby's godmother. I wonder how Ishmael will feel about that.

Some days I feel like I'm constantly analyzing different things, but at least it's not especially strenuous. Sometimes this causes whatever I'm analyzing to break into two parts, so I have more than what I started with. It's good news, even if I'm only selling the "extras."

Just as I sat down to tinker on the computer, I dozed off. It's been a long day and I'm ready to go home and rest. The baby should be here any time now, and I'd like to have a good night's sleep before he or she arrives!

I arrived home exhausted, and promptly passed out on the lawn. Ishmael helped me up and into bed, dear husband of mine. I'm a lucky woman!

Now to get some sleep before the baby arrives!


Will it be a boy or a girl for the Bucahnnon Legacy?

In the next chapter, Delia will have her baby and pass on the legacy to the next generation and carry on with her job in the Science Career. She and Ishmael struggle with their aspirations and getting a roof over their heads at the same time, and the Watcher learns a bit more about Get to Work.

Want to Play a Legacy?

This legacy is being played in The Sims 4, with Outdoor Retreat and Get to Work added into the mix (and more expansion packs as they become available. You'll be seeing more of these expansions as the legacy continues!

In the meantime, why not join in by playing a legacy of your own? You'll need to pick up your copy of The Sims 4 to play!

© 2015 Becki Rizzuti


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