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The Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Updated on March 1, 2015
Canadian Maple Leaf with Titanic privy mark
Canadian Maple Leaf with Titanic privy mark | Source

Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins come in gold, platinum, and silver. They are minted in a multitude of sizes, and special issues are released from time to time. However, not every metal is made in all of the sizes used.

The Maple Leaf is a beautiful coin, and truly represents Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint has produced Maple Leaf coins for quite some time, and the Maple Leaf has become highly desirable.

The Queen's effigy is on the obverse of all Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint has gone to 0.9999 purity, replacing the 0.999 purity used by most other countries, for its silver and gold coinage.

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One of the things the Royal Canadian Mint has done to enhance the Maple Leaf is to add holographic properties to the coins. Hologram Maple Leaf coins are often issued in sets of coins of different sizes, and can bring a nice premium.

Colorized (Coulorized) Maple Leaf Coins

A colorized Maple Leaf coin can be a beautifully enameled coin similar to other Maple Leaf coins, or can be a small cluster of maple leaves on a branch. Colorized coins are highly desirable.

Privy Marks

A privy, or honor, mark can distinguish a coin from others. A coin like the Maple Leaf that is produced in large quantity can have a much more collectible version with a privy mark. The fireworks privy, the Titanic privy, and the Chinese lunar privies are among the more common. The rarer the privy, the more valuable the coin.

The Best?

It can easily be argued that this is the top bullion design, and that these are the most desired of all bullion. Of course, many would disagree.

An Easily Recognized Design

This is one of Canada's most known symbols. And, it makes a beautiful design. We applaude the choice of design for the reverse. The obverse, of course, is not unique, but the image of the Queen used on all Cancdian coins, as well as many other countries.

Gilded Silver with Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Gold really pops visually when set against a silver background. A silver coin with selective gilt applied, or in other words a gilded coin, has aa particularly appealing appearance. And, these can be found well below the cost og gold Maple Leaf coins.

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