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The Game of "Sorry"

Updated on November 27, 2013

Sorry is a great game for family game night!

My family ADORES the sweet game of revenge! But why?

  1. Its Simple! Sorry is one of the easiest games to get. Why? Its all in the cards. There can be up to four players. Your one and only objective is to get all four of your pieces from start to the home space. All you have to do is read the cards, which will tell you how and where to move. Sounds easy enough? Sure it is, but when cards like "sorry" come up, and your dad knocks you back to home. The struggle become real. Its a great game and so simple that anyone can play. How could you not give it a try?

  2. Fast! Its an extremely fast game, opposed to games like life and monopoly. You don't have to plan an extended family game night, because one or two games can fit in about 30 minutes. It makes it so fast, because everyone is just picking cards and moving their pawn around the board. Players will usually spend more time contemplating what person's pawn they will remove than actually playing. But that is part of the beauty of the game.

  3. Fun! When game pieces collide. Its great! When you finally play this game, shoot me a comment and let me know how good it felt to smack your kid's piece on the floor. Honestly though, the great excitement about this game is that everything is completely and totally by chance, you never know what card you'll get next. However every member in the family will convince themselves that their strategy will ensure victory! The excitement, trash talk, and race to home will keep you playing this game with the family for years to come.

  4. Revenge! One of the best parts of the game, is the amazing amount of revenge it stirs up. You never know how brutally vengeful your grandmother is... that is until you play a game of sorry with her. After I finished a game with my own, I could never look at her the same. Alliances will form, backs will be stabbed, and players will be returned to home! All in the name of one card in the deck, "Sorry". Very rarely, when a player pulls the card and maniacally places a player back at home, does the word appear. If your family likes a good time, I promise that the competitive side of each member will come out, and you all will be screaming for mercy.

So tell me. Would you buy it? Play it?

Do you see "Sorry" in your future?

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