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The Obama Collector

Updated on February 5, 2013

The Obama Collector Is Born

Like it or not, Obamamania is here! The Obama collector is emerging.

Every major company out there is jumping on the bandwagon in the attempt to make money from the Obama craze. Many companies and individuals that you've never heard of are coming up with a product that has the name "Obama" on it in the hopes of making a fortune.

For the Obama Collector, many of these products are unimportant. What they are searching for are articles that have been used in the campaign by Obama himself, or those who are close to him. These collectors are also buying products from well known companies that make quality merchandise. Products that won't be left on the market for a long time, and will rise in value.

Don't let this stop you from picking up those campaign buttons, banners, etc. These common items will always have a place in an Obama collection and can be picked up fairly cheap, but for a really great Obama Collection you must try to get your hands on some of the "really hard to get" items.

Photo by Bbsrock

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What Should You Collect?

Pick up anything that you can get for free or very cheap that has anything to do with Barack Obama or his family. There are a lot of buttons, stickers, posters, etc. that you can still get for free. These things might never be worth a lot of money but they'll be great for trading once you decide that you're going to limit your collection to one or two types of Obama Collectables.

Your personal collection can be anything from trying to get as many different local papers from the day he was elected or inauguration day, or it can be a collection of the many different Obama buttons.

You can make your Obama Collection a little more difficult to acquire by collecting items from his inauguration parties or only items that are signed by Barack. This type of collection will escalate in value fairly quick.

It doesn't really matter how diverse or limited you decide to make your collection. Nor does it matter how valuable your Obama collection is. What really matters is that you are collecting something that you enjoy and at the same time you are building a collection of historical value.

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Have you gotten in on the Obamamania? Are you an Obama Collector? Let us know about your collection. Have you added any "hard to get" items to your collection and how did you aquire them?

What's In Your Collection?

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    • Brewsterboy profile image

      Brewsterboy 5 years ago

      @getmoreinfo: Guess I'm kind of a nut when it comes to collecting, or maybe just a pack rat. But, I started collecting Obama items when he was running for president because they could be worth a bit for my grandkids. First black president and everything.

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      This is a unique collectors idea, thanks for sharing.