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VideoGame Otherland Just Entered Beta Testing

Updated on August 30, 2017

The Otherland

The videogame Otherland has just entered a phase of beta-testing. That essentially means only a select group of players is allowed on the servers. So the game mechanics and the servers can be tested and the bugs can be found out before a very critical real audience enters the game for the first time.

Tad Williams the author played a big role in the development of the game and there are many videos available where he talks about his role in the development process and to explain the world of Otherland.

The World

The World of Otherworld is quite chaotic. There are basically five different worlds, each tied to an element. There is some medieval fantasy vibe to it, some cyberpunk parts, tranquil eastern mythology(involving a lot of nature) and sometimes it even looks like true sci-fi. You can see why I wasn't completely sure what to make of all of this.

The good news is there surely won't be a montly charge to this game like in WOW. Maybe something to try out for a couple of weeks. To me it looks like it could be really cool or actually suck pretty hard.

Let me know what you guys think? Are you going to play Otherland?

Otherland Official Trailer - Otherland - MMORPG - Official Gameplay Trailer - next-g 2012

Trailer Remixed

Making of Part

Enter combat

Are you going to play Otherland?


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