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The Revell Historic Pre-World War II Aircraft Models

Updated on October 14, 2014

Revell Aircraft Models

Human have been dreaming to fly like a bird for a very long time before the Wright brother invented their first powered aircraft in 1903. Can you imagine their first aircraft only soared into the air for twelve seconds and flew only 120 feet? Although it seems 12 seconds is a bit too short when compare to today's aircraft. This success have actually made the aircraft development advanced into another stage where many new airplanes and engines were developed and improved over the next century.

We can now able to fly!

Image Credit to X-ray Delta One on Flickr

Although those Pre World War II Aircraft are no longer available and we can't see them flying with our own eyes today, but still, we can see and feel them by building them through the aircraft model. That makes the aircraft model become one of the most famous category in model building.

Revell 1/39 Wright Flyer 'First Powered Flight'

Revell 1/39 Wright Flyer - First Powered Flight
Revell 1/39 Wright Flyer - First Powered Flight

Wright Flyer was the first powered flight in history. It was made by the Wright brothers in 1903. Revell has made available the model of Wright Flyer aircraft model which come along with a launch track and also the figures of Wright Brothers. You will need at least level 2 skill to build this aircraft model. Where some painting and glueing will be required. Make sure you have read the instruction first before you start. You will need to be extra patient due to quite many part of this model are so small and tiny that you might accidentally spoil it. Remember to pay extra careful on the sprues and tab.

Check Out Review By Customers

5 Stars Review

By Rick (Clyde, NC, United States) : Very Good model for an Advanced Modeller

3 Stars Review

Blackwolf from Florida, USA: Decent kit, but needs patience.

Denise : Nice but Too Difficult for Kids to Do

Revell 1:39 Wright Flyer 'First Powered Flight' now available at Amazon

Wright Flyer in action!

Revell 1/48 Scale Spirit of St. Louis

1/48 Scale Spirit of St. Louis  Product ID: 85-5244  Overview Skill Level: 2 Scale: 1/48 Fuselage: 7
1/48 Scale Spirit of St. Louis Product ID: 85-5244 Overview Skill Level: 2 Scale: 1/48 Fuselage: 7

The Spirit of St Louis is the first airplane that ever made that flew non stop from New York to Paris in history in 1927. This is consider one of the famous and "must have" aircraft model that every aircraft building hobbyist should own. Revell have the best quality of Spirit of St. Louis aircraft model kits so far when compared to Lindberg's model kits and Hawk's model kits. You will be surprise that this aircraft model is made with great detail that replica the actual Spirit of St. Louis. Almost everything in this model is build accurately. Although Revell have set the skill level of 2 for this model kits, but I would personally recommend this kit for both beginners and experienced builders because it is not that difficult. It is great value for money.

It is suitable for the beginning modeler and

is great value for money.

Spirit of St. Louis - The Revell Aircraft Model

Revell 1/77 Ford Tri-Motor

Revell 1/77 Ford Tri-Motor
Revell 1/77 Ford Tri-Motor

This is another Pre World War II American built aircraft that built with three engines or so called Tri-Motor. It is one of the successful transports that use by over 100 airlines. I would say we are lucky that now we can make this Ford Tri-Motor into our collection with Revel model kits. You will need a level 2 skill to build this kit. As usual, Revell's Ford Tri-Motor aircraft model kit is always good in quality whereas expected, it is made with a detail body and wing panel.

Revell 1/77 Ford Tri-Motor is now available in Amazon - Why not pick up one now?

Ford Tri-Motor - Watch it in action

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    • CruiseReady profile image


      6 years ago from East Central Florida

      Building a model of a historic airplane would be a great thing to incorporate into a history lesson at home.


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