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the rise of the tombe rider

Updated on April 22, 2016


the rise of the tombe riser the gamers test

A world beyond the nature !! Is it the real world or a legend !! Science is always progressing and discovers but always incapable of spirit !! Because the Spirit of God order for that address the myths in the movies and games for the discovery of the secret of immortality and not to death !! Even the myth of Dracula could die wedge Cross or burns from the sun, but Lara love the spirit of adventure to find the mythical worlds disappear in nature perhaps discover triggered task or the secrets of immortality, which is looking for everyone.

the story;
The story centers around the lives of Lara Croft in the beginning of her life so that we have seen to the events of the first incident it endured in the Dragon triangle, so I went to Lara in her first flight to search for Yamatai Temple and turned from a researcher to a lost girl looking for to survive and escape, and while fleeing the island discovered already the temple with special signs the secrets of immortality, but after returning from the trip no one believes them because the organization has covered these things, and began to Lara in psychotherapy even recovered is acceptable and even prove to the world that they are not crazy will play a second trip to search for an ancient city called Kitezh located in Russia's Siberia region and built by Georgy II great-grandfather Vladimir and that the thirteenth century, and during the trip to Lara exposed to another disaster to begin to escape again, whether it was organized or wild animals or cruel nature, and all this until you discover the secrets of a world beyond nature in search of myths and legends perhaps be true.

The game Rise of the Tomb Raide of the most anticipated games by a wide class of her fans around the world. Fall "Reese Of The Tomb Raider" in the adventures of Action "Games action-adventure", the second is complementary to the game released in 2013, which called it then Tomb Raider part. Recently a lot of talk about the game dramatically, especially after Microsoft 's "publisher company of the game" announcement that it will be available only on the two Xbox One, Xbox 360 came in theconference through the activities of mail Entertainment Expo E3 2015


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