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The Secret World Search the Archives

Updated on July 22, 2012

The Secret World Search the Archives

The Secret World Search the Archives for the old book on the pedestal where someone (Beaumont) has taken care of the caretakers.
The Secret World Search the Archives for the old book on the pedestal where someone (Beaumont) has taken care of the caretakers.

The Secret World Search the Archives to Find What Beaumont Was Doing Here

In the Secret World, the hero reaches the archives and must find what Beaumont was searching for within the archives. The archives is a confusing and yet also simple walkthrough depending on whether the hero knows what he is looking for. This will guide the hero on how to look for the right item within the archives, how to avoid the monster archivist and how to escape the archives.

Look for the Old Book in the Archives

The thing to look for within the archives is the old book. However, the problem is there are more than one "old book" within the archives. There are caretakers looking after the library of books here. If the hero touches the wrong old book, then the caretakers will become aggressive and attack the hero.

In addition, the hero must avoid the menacing archivist within the vault. This is a hunky beast which can deal massive amounts of damage on the hero. The combat orientated hero can attack the beast, but will need plenty of firepower and combat dodge and experience to defeat it.

Avoiding the archivist may be the key here. The archivist moves so slowly to the extent that the hero can run around and not be cornered by the archivist. Keep dodging the archivist and looking for the old book.

From the entrance into the archives, the old book is found by doing the following - first turn left and then turn right. Turn right again (at the corner) and then turn left (at the crossroads) and find the path that leads to a gate in the distance. Run towards the gate but do not reach the gate. Instead, turn right and head down a series of corridors to another area within the archives. Here the hero will look ahead and see an old book on a pedestal. Near the pedestal are some caretakers which have been shattered by someone. That someone has to be Beaumont. Hence this old book must be what Beaumont was looking for. Touch the old book and the next tier of the mission will be awarded - escape from the archives.

The Secret World Escape from the Archives

To escape from the archives, it may be worthwhile for the hero to return to the entrance into the archives. Again from the entrance, turn left, then right at the corner, and then right at the corner and turn left at the crossroad and find the chamber with the gate in the distance. Instead of heading into the gate, turn left straight away and find an area with four symbols on the ground. The idea here is to step on the four symbols in a certain pattern and in such a way that they all light up. When this is done, the secret door behind the bookshelf will open. Enter and make your way down a series of stone passages.

Note that the hero should continue to avoid the archivist; otherwise the comedian situation of the archivist chasing the hero and having to step on the right combination of symbols on the ground will occur, as seen below.

The series of stone corridors will eventually lead the hero to a water flooded area. There is a monster called the forgotten here. Either engage the forgotten in a battle, or simply run past the forgotten when it is not looking. Find the ladder in the alcove and click on it to activate it.

This will lead the hero back to the area outside the old block, and allow the hero to continue in the next part of the mission.


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