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The Secret World Unlock the Illuminati Tunnels

Updated on July 20, 2012

The Secret World Unlock the Illuminati Tunnels

The Secret World Illuminati Tunnels - match the correct combination of symbols in the correct order to proceed.
The Secret World Illuminati Tunnels - match the correct combination of symbols in the correct order to proceed.

The Secret World Unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels

In the secret world, the hero must unlock the illuminati tunnels in tier 8 of the main mission in Kingsmouth and the Savage Coast. Before unlocking the illuminati tunnels, the hero must complete tier 6 of the mission, and follow the siren song. Following the siren song will lead the hero to Beaumont and will bring the hero to the Savage Coast eventually. This will guide the hero in placing the correct symbols to open the illumanati tunnels in this area and will provide the hero with tactics to defeat the Guardian.

Follow the Siren Song in Tier 6

The siren song will appear as a blue eerie floating musical series of notes that drifts in mid-air. Follow this song. The song is eerie and beautiful audibly. It attracts the hero enticely towards the Blue Ridge Tunnel. This tunnel will be found at the northwest corner of the road. Enter the maintenance tunnel. Note that this is a solo stance area.

Within the tunnels, the hero must avoid some laser wires. When the laser wires are blinking off, go past them. The general direction is to go straight and then right and then straight and turn left to find a door with a wire trap. Go past the trap wires into a room with a map. A guy wearing a talisman and a blonde will enter the room, forcing the hero to hide. Listen to their conversation and examine Beaumont's notes when they leave the room. Beaumont's notes will reveal a diagram and a trail left by Beaumont. Pick up the hints in the picture and head to the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.

The Secret World Follow the Trail Left by Beaumont

The trail left by Beaumont will lead the hero to the airport. Once at the airport, find the shack that has the same poster outside as the picture in the maintenance tunnel. Entering the shack and searching for the relevant things within will lead to the hero to the next part of the quest - to go to the marked house. The hero must now travel to the savage coast.

The Secret World Defeat the Guardian of the Illuminati Tunnels

In the savage coast, the hero must go to the marked house. On the side of this house are a pair of doors that will lead downstairs to the entrance of the Illuminati tunnels. Within this cellar are a few items. These items can be placed on the border of the doors that lead to the Illuminati tunnels. The hero should only pick up the yin yang, the skull, the phoenix, the pyramid and the eye and place them in that order onto the border of the doors. This will allow the Illuminati tunnels to be unlocked and the guardian of the tunnels to be released.

The guardian of the tunnels looks like a black wolf made of spikey wisps of black smoke. This black wolf will attack the hero with a line drive attack, and also will use a weaken and damaging attack on the hero. What the hero needs to do is to lure the beast out of the tunnels into the cellar. There are many shelves in this area. The hero must swerve around the corners of a shelf and prevent the black wolf from using his attacks on the hero. At the same time, once the black wolf has released his line drive attack, the power attack will be cooling off for one second. Hit the wolf with the long range shock attack. Then swerve back around the corner of the shelf before the wolf can unleash another attack. By repeating this sequence of attacks and using patience, the black wolf will be reduced to about 5000+ hit points. Once this is done, a man will appear to defeat the guardian of the illuminati tunnel, allowing the hero to move on.


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