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The Sims3 Walkthrough

Updated on October 5, 2014

Welcome To "The Sims3"


Table Of Content

1)      Introduction
2)      Neighborhood
2.1)    Families
2.2)    Places Of Attraction
3)      Buy Mode
4)      Build Mode

Introduction To Sims3

"The Sims3" is probably the best game ever created. It is because, it is enjoyed by all types of gamers. It will be enjoyed by a guy who sticks to "Call of Duty: Spec Ops 2" all day, as well as by a girl who plays "Candy Crush" in spare time. I am here to introduce you to this game and guide you playing this game.

A Brief Overview OF Sims3

"The Sims3 PC Game" has so much to offer, a large town called Sunset Valley, large number of selectable traits, many challenges, jobs, skills and much more that will surely keep you busy, entertained for months if not years!

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Neighborhood In Sims3


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Sunset Valley


Your Sims3 Neighborhood

This is the neighborhood where you will spend most of the gaming time. Unlike previous "Sims" series games, you can visit peoples houses (in-game), be it your new city (Sunset Valley's) Friend's house or neighbor's house. The feature that makes the game most unique and stand out from the rest is it's open and freely explorable terrain.

Sims3 Central Park


Places Of Attraction In Sims3

If you want to enjoy your new Sims3 PC Game to it's fullest, then don't sit at home like you used to do in your previous Sims series games. it will do nothing except making you and your sim tired and bored of the game. Go out in your neighborhood have fun, meet neighbors what more? Arguably "Central Park" (opposite of City Hall) is the most popular place, a place where sims connect with nature in the middle of the town. You will have more fun checking other places such as fishing pond, beach and gym yourself.

Sims3 Community Survey

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Buy Mode Location In Sims3


Buy Mode Sims3

"Buy Mode" from where you can buy/sell and move your furniture such as T.V., bed, bookcase, bathtub, sink etc. It is shown with the icon of a Sofa and Lamp.

Build Mode Location In Sims3

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Build Mode Sims3

This is "Build Mode" (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BUY MODE), from here you can create walls, add windows, roofs, stairs, foundations, pools and more. This is the most important tool while making a home. Where will you keep furniture without a home 'eh?

© 2014 Tuhin Subhro Sardar


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