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The best nintendo 64 games

Updated on September 19, 2014

Mario Kart is Back.

Mario Kart N64 was of the best n64 games of all time
Mario Kart N64 was of the best n64 games of all time

Top Nintendo 64 Games - #5 Mario Kart 64

The top 5 Nintendo 64 games that we love is starting with number five Mario Kart 64. Who in the world does not love the Mario Kart games. If you love to race with all the Mario characters than this is the game for you. I had to rent this game from blockbuster to play before I was able to buy it. I love all the tracks that this game had. I would battle my friend to make sure I could get one of the boxes that was dropped or that they missed. I thought sometimes the AI would cheat when I was just playing with the computer. When I played a human it was so much fun.

We would spend hours playing this game. We knew when to slide in this corner or that corner. Nintendo has done a great job with keeping this was a great move Super Mario kart. This was a big deal when this game came out. You could play with 4 people at the same time. You could play with 8 characters in the game You could play of course with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad,Yoshi, Donkey Kong,Wario, and Bowser. Wario took the Koopa Troopers place.

You have a total of 16 courses to race on. What a game! No one could mess with me on this game that it is why it is the top 5 list. This game can bring on game rage though cause the computer cheats. I really only like playing this game with friend and not by myself. I am not sure why. This game is really worth picking up. Make sure you add it to your collection. Racing, your friends and Mario characters you can't go wrong with that combination.

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Get you Link on in 3D

One of best N64 RPG Games
One of best N64 RPG Games

Another Great N64 Game #4 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Welcome to the Zelda Universe. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time is a game you must play if you call yourself a gamer. This is what you need when it comes to the N64. This Zelda's first attempt into the 3d world. Link is back at is again. This game really had a great story and music you can basically travel anywhere you want.

Just fight your way through dungeons and help Link clear various temples. When I first got this game I did not have a memory card so I had to play it over and over again but I loved it. Link is on a mission to save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf. You have to beat various dungeons and Link progresses form childhood to adulthood to defeat Ganondorf. Just buy this game I don't want to spoil it.

Super Smash Attack!

Best Fighting N64 game #3 Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers is a great fighting game. You start with 8 classic characters and smash your way through different platforms. The one thing that makes this game great is the the music goes perfect with each world your are fighting in. Nintendo has done it again. You can play this game over and over and never get tired.

You can use Link an with his sword or Donkey Kong with his strength, each character has something that relates to their character. It is up to you on which character you want to use. You have to make the most of the character to win your battles and know how to best use them. Super Smash Brothers smashing its way into your N64

Pokemon Gotta Catch em All

Top N64 game is #2 Pokemon Stadium

Gotta catch em all. Well get ready for Pokemon Stadium. Oh you thought this game was only on the nds. Wrong. This game was cool. First of all I want to say that the mini games are the bomb. Some of the battles were intense. I hate when my all my Pokemon fainted after a long battle. Fainting is just a nice way of saying dying. Lol. If you love Pokemon in general then you will love Pokemon Stadium. That is why this is on my list of top N64 games.

Super Mario 64 is the new black

Super Mario 64 this game is a classic
Super Mario 64 this game is a classic

Super Mario 64 #1 top Nintendo 64 game of all time

You Mario and you are free to roam. This game is amazing. One of the best platforming game. I just love jumping around in this game. This game led the way for 3d gaming I am not to crazy about the controls but you get used to it. All you need to do is collect your stars. It unlocks certain things to help you in the game. The journey that you take to get those stars it what makes the game special.

We love this game and that is why it is my top choice for the N64. I have a jungle green N64 and I love it. Just play it and you will love it. Super Mario 64 is the best Nintendo 64 game ever made on it's system.


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