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The Lego Movie Games, Toys, Amazing Lego Inspired Videos (Lavie's Picks)

Updated on August 18, 2014


There brave, witty, and inspiring, there Legos! The Lego movie has an original storyline that has captivated audiences ranging in all ages.

This article is about the charming Lego movie.

The Lego Movie Review.

Veteran actor Morgan Freeman plays wizard Vitruvius in the witty, ‘Lego Movie’. The movie starts as Vitruvius tries to protect the Kragle, a weapon, from the villain Lord Business played by Will Ferrell. Vitruvius’s attempt to save the day was unsuccessful, a mission which caused him to go blind. Vitruvius warns Lord Business of a prophecy in which the chosen one called the "Special" will find the Piece of Resistance to end the process of the Kragle.

Eight and a half years later, Emmet Brickowski, a robotic construction worker who goes by the book In the city ran by President Business; who instructs his workers to follow orders or they will pay the consequences.

Emmet’s repetitive life changes as he follows orders to report an intruder who happens to be an ambitious resilient woman name Wyldstyle, who is in search of the Piece of Resistance.

Emmet’s inquiry caused him to fall in a hole, there he discovers the Piece of Resistance. Tempted to touch it, Emmet experiences clear visions which causes him to pass out.

Once Emmet awakens he is now known as the special one who will save the day, and must now fight against Lord Business’s plan to destroy the world. Emmet gains a clear understanding of the path he must follow through Wyldstyle who rescues Emmet and takes him to Vitruvius who resides in the Old West.

Vitruvius explains that he and Wyldstyle are "Master Builders", capable of building anything they need, with great speed and without directions.

However Lord Business is not in favor of this type of creativity he desires to have things done his way. He captures any Master Builder that tries to use their imagination.

Emmet is not confident in his ability to build anything without instructions. His low -self esteem causes Vitruvius to enter his mind, he notices that Emmet does not have much going on upstairs, a clean slate with limited imagination, is how Vitruvius perceives Emmet’s situation. The only trace of something different was a hand which was speculated to belong to "The Man Upstairs"

The only other idea Emmet has was unimpressive in the eyes of Vitruvius, and his fellow peers. Emmet's unfavorable idea consisted of a bunk bed couch, which proved to be a handy creation. Emmet’s bunk bed idea ends up saving Emmet and his team of Master Builders serving as a life boat used to escape from Lord Business’s Lieutenant, known as Bad Cop.

Nonetheless, Vitruvius encouraged Emmet to carry out his mission regardless of the ridicule and mockery portrayed by his peers.

Through motivation Emmet strives to become the hero that Vitruvius has inspired him to be, and the kind of brave man that Wyldstyle can depend on.

Emmet realizes his journey goes beyond the city that he trying to save, leading him into the real world. In the real world Emmet discovers that his life is being played out through the imagination of an eight year old boy named Finn.

Finn’s father known as "The Man Upstairs", scolds his son for damaging his Lego city. Finn’s father is upset to find that his son had mixed his characters up and dismantled some of the buildings.

However Finn’s mission is to promote a father and son bond through the creativity of Legos.

The Lego Movie is an original plot which is executed very well on screen. An enjoyable movie for entire the family to watch.

The Lego Movie's popularity has sparked an interest in the toy industry and talented artist who enjoy drawing the characters from the movie.

The Lego movie touches on values such relationships and positive self-esteem.

Wyldestyle & Emmet

Wyldestyle & Emmet
Wyldestyle & Emmet | Source

The Lego Movie Trailer

The Lego Movie Poll

Who Is Your Favorite Character

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The Lego Movie Inspired Toys.

Legos have been around for years. Many parents enjoy helping their children create a variety of characters and surroundings. Legos allow children to use their imagination.

The Lego Movie has inspired toys that represent the characters and their surroundings through block building formation.

Drawing Emmet

Drawing Wyldstyle

The Lego Moving Coloring Pages

Lego Characters
Lego Characters | Source

The Lego Movie Inspired A Popular Video Game.


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