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Thief Chapter 7 the Hidden City Walkthrough

Updated on March 6, 2014

In Thief, things are heading for absolute chaos in the city. Such is the power of the primal stone. Garrett must steal the primal stone from Orion. Orion is holed up in the ancient cathedral in Old Town. This will guide Garrett with a walkthrough of Chapter 7 the Hidden City, as he tries to achieve the above objectives.

Garrett needs to get the following for chapter 7 and the final chapter -

  • fire arrows and blast arrows
  • rope arrows

It may be worthwhile doing all the side quests in the city to accumulate enough gold to get all the items heading into the final chapter.

Thief Get to the Cathedral in Old Quarter

Garrett will start at the courtyard. He can get to the courtyard -

  • through the locked gate. Pick it.

This area is guarded in almost every inch by the Gravens. Be aware of the Graven standing above Garrett. Defeat the Gravens and then loot the area. Garrett should defeat the graven above him first (on the balcony) by using a rope arrow and getting to him.

  • Remember to search every inch and look for secret doors.

Then look for some high crates. Get to a high passage and follow it towards the cathedral. Spot more crates. Climb them and then get to a high hole. From there, its through the wall into the cathedral.

Thief Get Into the Cathedral through the Bell Tower Area

  • Or Garrett can take the south path.

Jump down from the ledge and get to the walkway. From there, get to the bell tower's base. Spot some crates. Climb them and get to a walkway. After the walkway, there will be a rope. Loot the area thoroughly. Then grab it and climb and follow the path all the way through to get to the old cathedral.

Thief Descend Into the Pit

Within the initial part of the cathedral, there will be a Graven with a crossbow. Knock him out. Then look for the other Graven and in similar fashion, defeat them. Note that there is a Graven on the balcony. Garrett will have to race to the shadowy areas and hide and then plan to take out the Graven.

Garrett is faced with two paths -

  • use a rope arrow to attach to the overhead anchor beam; then take down the Graven and proceed.
  • take the lower passage, use something to distract the Graven here and proceed.

Anyhow, whichever area that Garrett is on, loot that area and move on.

  • Continue through the passages, eliminating and decimating Orion's Graven army from stealth positions.

Once the area is cleared of Graven, loot extensively. Also get rid of the trap in this area by using a control box. When looting, always look around for overhead anchor beams. Climb and drop down and look around for treasure and treasure chests and the like.

  • Once Garrett is satisfied with his treasure hoards, go back to where the initial crossbow Graven was knocked out.

Again, look overhead to see an anchor beam. Fire a rope arrow and climb up. Jump over and eventually get to an elevator lever. Call the elevator and use it to get down and nearer towards Orion.

Thief Find A Way Up to the Graven City

When the elevator stops, jump out and proceed via crawling along the wall. The destination to advance the game is a tunnel but Garrett may want to loot this area clean first.

  • There is a poppy in this area. So looking around and looting is worthwhile.

Finally head into the tunnel and disable the trap here by going up and hacking the control box. Grab the treasure and then continue on through the tunnel. Garrett will come to a bridge with some Graven. Observe them and then defeat them. Garrett will reach a tunnel. Use it to reach the Loading Docks Interior.

Thief Loafing Docks Interior Area

Follow the passage around a pit and then get to some crates. Garrett must crouch and sneak through here.

  • There is a safe here. The combination is 6, 7, 3.

As Garrett advances, he will eventually reach a south ramp which he can jump off to get to the next area.

Thief Catacomb Passages

The catacombs are the next area. Here, just advance until Garrett gets to four Freaks. Defeat them, or sneak past them.

  • Garrett can use a short cut and bypass a Freak by using a rope arrow.

The idea here is to get to a northeast rope and get to a ledge. Defeat the Freaks on the ledge and get onto the ledge. Then get to the east gate. There is a freak here. Take it out and then proceed to the catacombs shaft.

Thief Catacombs Shaft

Go up the staircase and through the metal gate. Beware of the trap here. Continue with the stairs and reach a valve wheel. Turn off the valve wheel and shut off the gas. Now go back and climb the wall that lies just after the trap.

  • Eventually get to a ladder and get to the next area.

The next thing to do is to keep climbing the shaft. Garrett will have to defeat a Graven here. Garrett will get to a cabinet in the shaft. Save and then spot an opening in the wall. Go through.

  • The next area is a storeroom. Turn the valve and get into the Graven Lair.

Thief Graven Lair

In the Graven Lair, Garrett can sneak past the Graven here and avoid using too much expendables. Find a crawl space and get to a room with a poppy and a merchant.

  • Use all the loot and stock up on the most powerful upgrades and ammunition.

Now return to the Graven Lair main area and take out the Graven. The key here is to head east and upstairs to a nearby passage. Save and then sneak east, taking down Graven and snuffing candles along the way.

Now look for a high ledge and climb the wall to get into the Rotunda through the window.

Thief Defeat the Thief Taker General in the Rotunda

After entering the Rotunda, Garrett will enter the primal stone state until it is interrupted by the thief taker general. Defeat him.

Loot the Rotunda and chase after Orion.


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