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Thomas and Friends Complete Train Sets-Top Choices Your Child Will Cherish

Updated on February 27, 2011

Trains have been favorite toys of little girls and boys for many years. Since their introduction to society in Europe in the 1860's and with the first electrical version being showcased in a storefront window in 1901, trains have found homes all around the world. One brand of toys that have become real popular with the little ones and has expanded from train sets to dvds, clothing, bed sets and more is Thomas and Friends. Thomas and Friends was originally named Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and aired in Britain in 1984. In 2009, with the change of name, the series relocated to Canada.

These fictional characters were based on a series of books by the Reverend W.V Awdry and his son Christopher Awdry and were first invented to entertain Christopher when he was trying to re-coop from a case of the measles with many of the events based on the Reverend's own personal experience.

My two boys ages 2 and 4 cannot get enough of Thomas. My 2 year old carries at least one of his beloved wooden trains around all day long and is continuously asking me to play one of his many collection of dvds that regardless of how many times he has seen them, just can't seem to get enough. The following are a few popular toys that every little boy or girl can spend hours playing with.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Water Tower Figure 8 Set

This wooden train set is loaded with fun and adventure. The track is complete with an elevated bridge in the middle of the rails and there is a water tower where Thomas or other wooden friends can stop to re-fuel. The water tower comes equipped with a spout that can cause the "water" to rise and fall when flicking it up or down. This is a 25 piece set which includes Sir Topham Hatt and a red cargo car, a railroad crossing sign, a tree and a stop sign. The box has a handle which comes in handy when wanting to pack away or carry on the go for a trip.

This is a great deal as it can cost $24.00 alone for the water tower and $18 for the bridge. The wood is sturdy and durable for young children and any child ages 2 and up will be lost in the make believe world of Thomas for hours at a time.

Thomas the Train: Take-n-Play Rescue from Misty Island

My 4 year old prefers the Take and Play collection. This convenient Thomas and Friends complete train set can be folded and easily carried by the handle to take along anywhere your child needs to go. The Thomas train that is included in this set is a die-cast engine instead of the wooden ones found in the Early Beginners train sets. This play set is featured on Misty Island. One side of the set has a brown track and the other side of the set is supposed to be the Island of Sodor with a silver track. There is a cool shake shake bridge that Thomas rattles over as he crosses. The adventure continues when your child can use the logging crane to lift logs and uncover hidden tunnels for Thomas to travel through.Each engine comes with a magnet on each end of the train so they can easily connect to other trains and putter along. Each Take-n-Play playsets can also connect to another set.

Thomas the Train: Zip, Zoom, and Logging Adventure

This is great for those little ones who have a table set up and want to keep the train set up in one place. This is also a nice sized set for when there are more than one little one who want to play. It features the Misty Island Rescue. Thomas can climb steep hills, ride through a line of trees, or just simply zoom along the enormous track. This set also allows your child to split logs and load them up onto Thomas or one of his other pals who are along for the ride(although this set only comes with Thomas and a trailer).Thomas is powered by a one AA battery(not included). There are two layouts you can use when assembling the track set for your little one. Each piece needs to fit into a part of the track in a specific way to enable various actions depending on the layout you choose. The setup may take a little while to configure but once set up, you child is sure to have many hours and days using his imagination for creative play.


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    • ebookshack profile image

      Melanie Bremner 6 years ago from Canada

      I am with you there September Gray. I still take time out to watch the new dvds when we get them. I have seen most of all the episodes that are on now but the movies have that little bit extra. I tried getting the kids into Chuggington thinking it would have the same appeal but it doesn't.

      Carmen, you get to work in a toy store all day?! I would probably be fired for playing with the toys instead of dealing with the customers. lol. Trains, I think will always be a favorite for many children.

    • SeptemberGray profile image

      SeptemberGray 6 years ago from Corpus Christi, TX

      I used to watch this show with my son when he was little. This hub brings back memories.

    • Carmen Borthwick profile image

      Carmen Borthwick 6 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

      I work in a toy store called Just Ducky and we lend trains out for the kids in the mall to play with as well as carry the line. They are a favourite with kids of all ages. Great hub!