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Tippmann Alpha Black Accessories & Modifications

Updated on October 30, 2014

It's Easy To Beef Up Your Tippmann Alpha Black!!

Tippmann's US Army Alpha Black tactical paintball marker is already a fantastic .68 caliber gun. So much so, that it's used widely by law enforcement and military personnel for training purposes; however most popular amongst scenario paintballers! One of the best things about this paintball gun is the fact that it's so upgradeable as there are a huge number of accessories available. Add a new handguard, upgrade your barrel or give your Alpha Black a whole new look with a complete mod kit; these accessories are easy to install and generally very affordable.

Alpha Black Crossfire Barrel Kit
Alpha Black Crossfire Barrel Kit

Upgrade Your Barrel....

Improve the look and performance of your Alpha Black!

Upgrading the barrel on your Alpha Black marker will significantly improve your shooting distance and accuracy. Choose a rifled barrel to increase accuracy; also consider increasing the length of your barrel. Barrel lengths available can be up to 22 inches in case you want to transform your Alpha Black into a sniper. Choose a handguard/barrel combination product to improve the barrel and give your marker a total new look. Realstic M4 carbine, phantom handguards and the RIS are just a few available for purchase. The RIS handguard is a great pick because it attaches rails on all four sides of the barrel; leaving plenty of room for further accessories to be easily attached. These Alpha Black accessories are always available and there are many different types to choose from.

Red Dot Scope Kit with Offset Mount Kit
Red Dot Scope Kit with Offset Mount Kit

Scopes And Sights Are Easy to Add....

Attach a Red Dot Sight or Sniper Scope For Improved Targeting!

The carry handle on the Tippmann Alpha Black is molded to the receiver of the gun; this is the best place to add a scope or sight. Before doing so however, you must drill a small hole in the top of the carry handle. This part is made of die cast metal and you will need to use a drill bit that can do this; however this is as complicated as it gets. After the hole is drilled, you will need a carry handle mount; this is a small piece that generally costs ~$15-$20, is easy to find and standard for most paintball guns and real firearms.

On top of the carry handle mount, you will also need an offset mount to 'offset' your scope's line of vision away from the hopper. Otherwise, the bulkyness of the Alpha Black hopper will impede the scope/sight's view or position on the gun. You can buy these two mounts together in a package called the 'Offset Mount Kit' or in a package that also includes a red dot scope called the 'Red Dot Scope with Offset Mount Kit'. Both kits install in minutes (once your hole is drilled in the carry handle) and are readily available.

Alpha Black Enforcer/skeleton buttstock
Alpha Black Enforcer/skeleton buttstock

Many Buttstocks To Choose From!

Simple, Cheap Modifications give your marker a totally different look...

There are also many different buttstocks available for the US Army Series of paintball guns. The Alpha Black comes stock with the classic carbine telescoping stock. Different color carbine stocks are also available for this marker; choose from black, olive or tan for a cool custom look; M4 carbine handguards are also available in these colors to match. Other buttstocks such as the skeleton, folding or retractable stock also offer a totally different look; mix and match different buttstocks, handguards and attachments for your own tactical creation!

Alpha Black Sidewinder Kit
Alpha Black Sidewinder Kit

Upgrade Kits Are The Way to Go....

Save money when buying a package of accessories for a custom look!

The best way to upgrade your Tippmann Alpha Black is to choose an upgrade kit. Upgrade kits contain a package of accessories to give your marker a certain look. Alpha Black upgrade kits are a great way to turn your gun into a hi-tech sniper, sub machine gun or tactical assault rifle. Upgrade kits are also a great way to save money as prices are much cheaper than if you were to purchase each item in the kit separately. Many players buy several kits so they have the ability to change their favorite marker's form and function at will.

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