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tips on UFC undisputed 2010 career and created fighter heights

Updated on December 25, 2010

tips about tall created fighters

when creating a very tall fighter (max or near max) there are both advantages and disadvantages. this will be just a general run down. usually this is from weight classes heavy, lt. heavy and middle. nearly all for except a few opponents will not be any extreme height whether too tall or short. first advantages, your character has reach advantage for basic strikes and it is harder for the opponent to escape from being hit. plus your fighter doesn't have to risk getting into harms way all the time. on the other end, it is harder for the opponent to land good strikes on a max height fighter. the opponent is the one who has to get close enough to land any strike.

now there are some disadvantages too. one is that you can't use high strikes as efficiently, especially high kicks. it would just skim the opponents head even if they don't duck. the next is that with kick striking you can be countered to a take down very easily. which is not good if you are not well based in grappling. the last one is that you will have a issue with inside striking since you will miss at times in very close range.

for balance its best to acquire a body strike move for puches.

tips about short create fighters.

the shortest is 5'4" in lightweight. advantages and disadvantages of a short (min) fighter is basically the opposite of the tall fighter. you have better striking abilities on inside and easy to counter opponents high and body kicks.

disadvantage is that it is harder to connect when striking. which can mean your fighter needs to be defensive and not too aggressive or he will tire. harder to strike a retreating opponent when you got him hurt.

for balance use some high kicks. it will give you more range.


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