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Tomb Raider Find Cover and Defeat the Russians

Updated on March 11, 2013

In Tomb Raider, Lara and Dr Whitman are captured by the russians. Just why these men are on the island is any one’s guess at this point. Lara’s hands are tied up and she is warned that if she tries to escape, the other shipwreckers will be put down. Lara, being Lara Croft, tries to escape anyway. This will guide Lara on how to escape with her hands tied up. In particular, it will cover how to find cover behind walls and bushes and escape from the russians looking for her. Finally, it will guide Lara on how to find her makeshift bow and (a new) pistol and then defeat the russians looking for her on route to a mountain rendezvous with Roth.

Tomb Raider Find Cover and Escape from the Russians

This is the path that Lara must take to find cover and escape the russians.

The sequence ends when Lara runs into a small shack and a man sees her. He drags her out and tries to have his way with her. Follow the movements on screen to defeat the man. Lara will get hold of a pistol (and later her makeshift bow). It’s time to take down the enemies using these weapons.

Tomb Raider Escape from Russians

Tomb Raider escape and meet up with Roth higher up the mountain
Tomb Raider escape and meet up with Roth higher up the mountain

Tomb Raider Mountain Rendezvous with Roth

Lara has a mountain top rendezvous with Roth. However, lots of enemies stand in the way between her and her objectives.

First Lara will reach an area where she must use her weapons to take down the enemies. Use shift (on PC) to dodge the enemies and take them down with pistol or bow and arrow headshots.

Next, Lara will climb some stairs. She can use stealth takedowns here to deal with some of the men on the stairs.

There will be a final sequence where Lara will have to take down the russians whilst being trapped in a small landing behind some cover. The area below her is rapidly burning up and is not an option. There will be three men in front of Lara.

Now, Lara must aim and shoot some arrows at the wall beside the men. This will prompt one of the men to explore the wall, leaving one man on the left standing guard. Lara must rapidly move into action. Take down the man on the left with a headshot. Before the other men can come back and find their comrade down, take aim and fire headshots at the other men whilst they are still unaware of Lara. If Lara is not fast enough, the other men will become aware of Lara and attack her. The grenadiers are especially dangerous, being able to inflict more damage with the grenade fire bottles. So stealth ranged takedowns are especially useful. If Lara is discovered, headshots are more difficult. It may be better to use rapid low damage shots to stagger or stun the men and then take them down.

Once Lara deals with the Russians, she will reach a vertical cliff area where she can climb up and rendezvous with Roth.


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