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Tomb Raider Going Back In Quest

Updated on March 25, 2013

Tomb Raider Going Back In

In Tomb Raider, Lara must head back to the mountain pass and the monastery to rescue Sam from Mathias. This is the going back in quest. This will guide Lara as she attempts to transverse the obstacles and monsters within the monastery and get to the final part of the temple.

Climb the simple obstacles from the PT boat and make your way to the top. Witness the final hours of Dr Whitman as he is tricked by Mathias into speaking to the samurai or storm guards. Next, create a zipline and climb up a slope into the Chasm Stronghold.

Tomb Raider Search for Sam in the Chasm Stronghold

Now go forth, and sneak through the corridor. Lara will encounter her first stormguard here. They look human. They are not undead. Just how they managed to survive all these times is unknown. Next use fire arrows to light up the flammable material and crawl through the tiny passageway to the other side. Lara will see lots of stormguards marching to an assembly area.

The way through is to use the stone railings on the stairways. At some point, Lara will have to cross a small beam to the other side. Then hang on to the ledge just underneath the stormguards ramming the bell and move towards the objective marker. As Lara reaches the end and jumps to the final ledge, she is spotted by the giant samurai warrior.

Fire arrows pelt the corridor, sending the whole structure into flames. Lara must run and then slide down into the outside. Here, Lara will face more storm warriors. Against these ancient warriors, use the commando rifle to defeat them and then move on.

Then reach the sheltered hallway camp.

Tomb Raider Defeat Stormguard Samurai Warriors

Tomb Raider Defeat Stormguard Samurai Warriors in Going Back In Quest
Tomb Raider Defeat Stormguard Samurai Warriors in Going Back In Quest

Tomb Raider Rescue Sam From Mathias

Lara will then head outside to the windswept area and see Sam being ushered deeper into the temple by Mathias. At this point, Lara will be dropped by the wind and the decaying structures onto the ground below.

This is the start of a massive fight between Lara and the samurai warriors. This is also an opportunity for Lara to use her weapons and tier 3 skills against the stormguards. In particular, demonstrate the dodge and final takedown mastery. By using dodge and takedown, and then using modern weapons, the stormguards will be destroyed.

As the minion stormguards lose against Lara, the boss stormguard will try to take on Lara. Lara manages to dodge this boss and he falls into the chasm somewhere beneath.

Go into the Chasm Shrine and use the camp there. Then solve the puzzle to get out of this area.

And then, it's time for the finale.


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