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Tomb Raider Open the Temple Gate

Updated on March 11, 2013

Tomb Raider Outside Mountain Temple Area

In Tomb Raider, Lara will reach a base camp with Dr Whitman. As she recuperates from her ankle injury, Dr Whitman sets forth to explore the surrounding areas. He will find a gate that will eventually open up to the mountain temple. However, it requires Lara to upgrade her pry axe. This will guide Lara as she explores this area for salvage to use to upgrade her pry axe. It will include a guide on how to complete the tomb of the lost adventurer that is also found in this area.

Tomb Raider Open the Temple Gate

Tomb Raider defeat the wolves to get to the temple gate
Tomb Raider defeat the wolves to get to the temple gate

Tomb Raider Defeat the Wolves to Reach the Temple Gate

When Lara recovers from her ordeal, stand up and then switch on survival mode. This will indicate the direction that Dr Whitman has taken. Head in that direction.

Lara will be stopped in her tracks as wolves jump out of bushes to attack her. The wolves are slow movers before they pounce, but still requires a good steady aim. For that reason, Lara should upgrade her skills appropriately before venturing forth.

Lara can either shoot the wolves rapidly and repeatedly, or she can take a slower and more powerful aim at the head of the wolves. Either way, it is easier to defeat them before they pounce. Once they pounce and land on Lara, it’s harder to get them off before the wolves bite into Lara’s neck.

Tomb Raider Upgrade the Pry Axe

Having defeated the wolves, Lara can proceed up the stairs to Dr Whitman. He has found the temple gate. They try to open the gate but fail. One of the wheels that controls the gate requires a stronger pry axe than the one that Lara has. So explore the surrounding area and attempt to find crates to smash. Smash the crates to find enough salvage.

Now head back to base camp and use the upgrade gear function to upgrade the pry axe.

Before returning to Dr Whitman and the temple gate, just before the bridge that leads up the stairs, turn right and find a well hidden tomb somewhere in the corner. This tomb is the tomb of the lost adventurer, and may not be available to all (additional dlc content for certain purchases).

However, if this tomb is available, it is worth exploring because it will reward Lara with more experience and more skill points.

Tomb Raider Tomb of the Lost Adventurer

The tomb of the lost adventurer will open up into a large clearing with a B52 bomber hanging precariously from some trees. The key is to cleave the center of the B52 bomber so that Lara can jump across to the other side and then scale a vertical obstacle to reach the treasure chest in the tomb of the lost adventurer.

With the tomb of the lost adventurer explored, return to base camp to distribute skill points before venturing up the stairs again to help Dr Whitman open the temple gate.

The temple gate will open with prying with a stronger axe. And it’s time to explore this wondrous temple and uncover more archaeological findings.


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